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Discuss and finalize the release schedule for Edgy
We want to release Feisty on time and with the expected set of features. This spec is about making that happen by having the proper schedule.
This session is to record the results of the Desktop Experience and Online Services Integration roundtables in the form of a best practice guide for interacting with the Platform Team.
Investigate how we can make the kernel use less power with running on battery, while suspended and during hibernation.
Discussions on the likely mainline kernel version for Lucid. Confirmation of the default filesystem for Luid (ext4). Confirmation of the default boot loader for x86 (grub2).
This informational specification describes a world in which the development base of Ubuntu is not source packages, but a revision control system. It describes both the Bazaar and Launchpad features that would be needed to do this, and the kinds of work flow that the distro team would like to follow with them.
Quality Metrics for Ubuntu
A first set of metrics are to be put in place during Precise. This session is to discuss about code coverage and test escape analysis.
Find an appropriate test case management tool and install it, find a way to integrate it with 1 cycle should be enough to install the tool and get the existing test cases that is worth keeping in there, we can also pilot the usage of it within QA before we move to the community using...
A list of conferences where we can discuss and present Ensemble to potential users.
The technical board and senior Ubuntu developers will discuss nominations for the expansion of the technical board. SABDFL would like to grow this to at least 5 people, and shift the emphasis from developer upload permission granting to feature planning and architectural work.
This topic is meant to group work items that the security team is committed to completing in the development cycle. Since security team development (ie specification work) is done as time allows with other work such as security updates, audits, and investigations preempting development work, this topic allows people...
All features and efforts involved in improving the stability, reliability, and robustness of Ubuntu Server.
Infrastructure for Server & Cloud products.
Provide a simplified installation method which asks a minimum set of questions immediately using a graphical user interface and completes the installation by copying the preinstalled live CD system to the target device. The existing implementation in Guadalinex should be considered as the solution or a basis for one.
This BOF is to brainstorm on the current release process and ways it can be improved for Natty. Some of the open questions up for discussion: - There are more projects now interacting (ubuntu on cloud, linaro, and other flavors), that need to have inter-dependencies clarified. - There are many process pages for m...
How can we use the newer post LTS release kernels on the older LTS.
How can we better help drivers that Ubuntu is using that are in the /staging tree. Can we make an effort to clean up and help move the driver into mainline? If so what drivers etc...
Talks with upstream on how we can help upstream improve wifi
Tollef needs training on how to use the archive admin tools as part of his job as an RM. This informational spec covers that.
At the time of writing a week after the release of Ubuntu 6.06, several installer issues have already arisen which are known to affect many users and which generate enormous numbers of bug reports. (This is not too surprising since we released a completely new installer frontend.) Part of long-term support for this ...
Currently we have a "no open ports" (pretending that DNS and DHCP don't exist) policy. This prevents us from doing any of the kind of automatic discovery features that we'd like to do. This BOF should discuss that policy, propose solutions to keeping security while enabling some network (or even over-the-air such ...
This will be an open discussion with Intel to go over current and future technologies in the pipeline. We will be discussing both upcoming technologies that will be seen in Karmic, as well as longer range technology goals that we may want to start thinking about in terms of impact through to the next LTS. Intel gr...
Video Playback for Ubuntu
Not sure if that one should be in the GNOME spec, but totem 3.2 switched to have only clutter-gst as a video playing backend (i.e no xv backend). We probably don't want to switch video players in a lts cycle but not sure if we should go with the new version (we staying on 3.0 which still uses xv for Oneiric). Clutt...
Overview specification of processes and goals for artwork in Edgy
Intel UEFI Update for Ubuntu
Intel to provide an update on UEFI for through 12.10 cycle.
ISV certifications for Ubuntu
Making Ubuntu an official certified platform for commercial software products from popular vendors. (IBM, Oracle etc..)
Put in place procedures to discover major upstream infrastructure changes early and chart the regression potential inherent in these for our users. Use this information at around Feature Freeze to decide whether to push out the new changes or roll back.
Encouraging specialisation and mentoring within bug-control.
Launchpad vs. upstream? * Status of Kubuntu translations * Launchpad QA to compare upstream and our translations * Feedback on the improvement effort discussed on the last UDS and fleshed out during the Karmic development cycle. * Using Launchpad Translations for projects using TS files * Look at KDE source packages...
We tend to do a lot of things leading up to milestone releases, such as clear out pending anastacia promotions/demotions, check britney uninstallables and out-of-date output, clear out bits of queue/new, etc. This spec should document what needs to be done, how frequently, and when it should be done, in relation to...
To prevent holding up the release we are scheduling upload times for It takes roughly 17 hours to build on ia64, which is the slowest buildd, not to mention any time waiting to build in the queue. To give plenty of time for potential problems to be sorted out we should upload for an alpha release no ...
The Ubuntu Engineering team in Canonical is committing a rotation of developers to work solely on development release maintenance for a month or two at a time, with the goal of keeping the development release buildable, installable, and upgradeable at all times in order to allow other developers to work with fewer i...
Discuss staffing of the +1 maintenance team for Q, to make sure we have a full roster.
I have organized the FSG OpenPrinting Summit in Lexington together with the FSG and this event happened shortly before the Ubuntu Summit in Mountain View. Most of the outcomes of the Summit will also influence the printing infrastructure of Ubuntu Feisty...
The goal of this blueprint is to track tests failing in CI during automated testing of the phone.
Rationale: A formal Juju release processes is needed in order to keep the high speed of feature development without driving our users away. This thread proposes a release process for Juju: Goal: Define and implement a Juju release process that fits with...
OpenStack SRUs for Ubuntu
Rationale: With the release of Essex on Precise we wish to regularily provide timely updates to our users who are still using Essex. The purpose of this blueprint is to figure out the process and track work that needs to be done. Goal: Provide users with stable/essex openstack installation that is well tested and...
UI improvements for Xubuntu Edgy
In this specification process, we will try to figure out processes how to get on top of the exponentially exploding number of bugs.
OpenJDK / Java issues for jaunty (round table), and maybe outlook on OpenJDK 7
Super-slick boot for Ubuntu
Thanks to the superb work of Matt Garrett and company, we now have a very impressive usplash which is nicely extensible. We will review the entire boot experience and see if we can make it as seamless as the Mac boot experience, with clean transitions between boot stages. This spec will summarize our findings and pl...
Discuss OOo in Karmic. The version of in Karmic will be 3.1.x, this session will be for discussion of any issues people would like to bring up relating to OOo.
The desktop team closely works together with parner teams such as DX and OLS. Discuss the previous two cycles, identify problems, and how to avoid them in the future.
We currently maintain most Ubuntu Desktop packages in bzr branches and use bzr-builddeb in merge mode [1] with packaging stored in lp:~ubuntu-desktop/package_name/ubuntu. The other option was to use normal mode [2], but this was not chosen at the time due to the size of checkouts. My experience since moving to bzr...
We still have gconf, gtk2 and gnomevfs on the CD, we should see which ones we can drop from the CD for the lts and keep the porting work. We should be able to at least get ride of webkit-gtk2 and gnome-vfs during the cycle, the others will be harder though...
This session discusses how to encourage teams to build per-cycle roadmaps to better coordinate work.
Discuss various ways to save boot time by using on disk images, such as grub fast resume, looking at TuxOnIce patches which we could use, saving a kernel from a read-only system...
Mandriva's printing guru Till Kamppeter wanted to meet us in Paris to exchange some ideas and knowledge about the printing stack (cupsys, foomatic, gutenprint, etc.). So this is rather a meta-spec to allocate discussion time. From this, several concrete specifications may arise.
Keep Eucalyptus in 10.04 LTS in shape. This might mean SRUs, Backports, or maintaining a PPA.
Any attempt to make a "Dapper Standards Base" is likely doomed to the same failures that the "Linux Standards Base" have had. The need for a system against which people can certify and can also make derivatives is key to the success of Ubuntu. This specification provides a middle road that balances these two needs.
Processes and infrastructure related to Ubuntu derivative distros. (AdiAttar)
GNOME 3 API cleanup for Ubuntu
This session is to continue the API cleanup and component migration for GNOME 3. This includes reviewing the GNOME 3 schedule, discussion of alignment with LTS release.
Evaluate Ubuntu Guide, the forum howto's and the wiki pages to see what can be made easier to do in Ubuntu. * comment - Please note that the ubuntuguide has been evaluated, hacked up and integrated into Ubuntu by the documentation team. The "official" version of the guide is found by clicking "System->He...
OEMs / Canonical's corporate partners have requested that Ubuntu support several additional packages in main: - sssd (updated to latest stable version). - opensc: Enterprise customers (PSE currently supporting) are using opensc to work with smart cards. Review in progress to determine use by French and US Gov (HS...
Helpful help for Ubuntu
Ubuntu offers vast opportunities for improvement in the quality, targeting, and presentation of its help and documentation.
Discuss the UEFI 2.3.1 spec, Ubuntu support for secure boot, testing and hardware requirements, explore possibility of UEFI support in 32bit. UEFI 2.3.1 specification was released on this week: Harry will bring a presentation to summarize the new features in 2.3.1 Some ...
The QA team will drive an effort to extend coverage of apport hooks to all core Ubuntu components. Define metrics like X% of bugs filed with an apport hook and track these weekly.
The MID and UMPC images were originally targeted at specific hardware. As they have become more generalised, and gained more users, it is interesting to see what hardware runs these flavours, and what specific drivers appear to be missing for commonly available devices.
This specification discusses the future of the lpia port, and if we plan to use it for the Lucid cycle.
This blueprint is likely to be informational only and primarily to help consolidate tracking of community efforts in LXDE and Lubuntu for Lucid. It is also proposed for the Lucid UDS because some LXDE core developers will be present.
PowerPC Review for Ubuntu
This specification documents the discussion and rationale for a decision which has been taken by the Ubuntu Technical Board as recorded in
Discuss where to focus AppArmor development and integration efforts, part 1 of 2.
This specification should discuss common UI components that the telepathy framework could make available so that applications do not need to implement them themselves.
The objective of this survey is to examine statistically the membership of the Ubuntu community: - - Who are joining the Ubuntu community and for what reasons. - - How they use computers in general. - - How is their relationship to the F/OSS world in general. This survey is the first step in my anthropological fie...
As Ubuntu matures and stabilizes its social and technical infrastructure in the spirit of the still-young and experimental F/OSS movement, it will be well worthwhile to examine and discuss these practices over an extended period of time. I propose an anthropological fieldwork study of the Ubuntu development communit...
An open discussion about the growing volume of bugs in Ubuntu. After the 7.10 release we are now at nearly 35.000 open bugs, many of which are in the New state. In this brainstorming discussion we take a look how the reporting volume is likely to evolve over the next 1-2 years and whether we have the tools and proce...
This session is designed to cover any changes to default security features in Jaunty. So far, this includes: - full SHA512 password hash support - SYN-flood protection - Dovecot AppArmor profile - dhclient AppArmor profile - enable ufw as installer option - Squid AppArmor profile
Connection Manager for Ubuntu
Consider Connection manager to replace Network Manager at what point? What is Connection Manager?
Informational session on how to debug the most severe X problems * Identifying the different types of failures: Crashes, Freezes, Corruption, Error Exits * Standard analysis procedures for each type of bug * Tools to help bug reporters
The current volumes representation is not coherent and there is several bugs open about which one are listed, their naming, etc. This spec describes what should be changed
This is a placeholder Summary for the Ubuntu Development Farm ( akin to the Debian Porter Machines ) so Ubuntu Developers have access to other arches and build enviroments that might otherwise not be possible. Note: other advantages , a build environments while on the road, the quality and of a build environments
Informal spec to summarize the planned activities for OOo in edgy: amd64 build, evaluate demotion of ia32-* to universe, packaging spell checkers, better rosetta integration
The Edubuntu CDs are constantly oversized due to the fact that is ships GNOME and KDE applications and thus has the backend libraries as well as the translations for both desktops. This spec will determine the possibilities to reduce the CD size by checking the following options among others that might come up dur...
This is a placeholder for discussions and plans around GL/X memory management and optimizing AIGLX for the new texture-from-pixmap extension that lies at the heart of GL-based compositing.
Should we explore the use of alternate light-weight desktop environments for mobile system images (MID, UNR, Armel)? The idea behind this to support systems that lack openGL driver support (PSB, ARM) at release time.
This specification is to discuss improvements to desktop-switch for UNR Karmic
This specification is to discuss the feasibility and how to implement a frontend to the netbook-launcher that does not require 3D
MOTU Wiki Cleanup for Ubuntu
We want to have at least one or two working sessions where we actively work on improving the Wiki, dropping old pages, aggregate information and make more sense of the MOTU wiki namespace.
Edgy would need a common media player for both standalone video playing and embedded video playing. At the moment kmplayer is used for playing videos embedded in webpages and kaffeine is used as the default standalone player. kmplayer could also be used as the default standalone player, the issue is that its GUI is ...
The ports architectures of Ubuntu have not been regularly maintained in Ubuntu as community-maintained architectures due to lack of resources, and lack of direction on how the community should become involved in handling it. Based on responses to my request for people to help with PowerPC and SPARC architectures, th...
An informational session outlining Ubuntu on ARM, including an overview of devices we can expect to see Ubuntu running on, key considerations for developers, and future opportunities for Ubuntu in this space.
Informational spec on automated bug reporting. Get input from developers and other bug contacts: When is it OK to automate this? What filtering mechanisms should we employ to reduce the risk of flooding?
Review available tools, survey developers about their usage
The current java packages provide byte code, which is interptered on runtime. Adding precompiled java packages (using gcj) makes applications run faster, although trades speed for space (memory and CD space). Updating to a newer classpath version is required for better java 1.4.2 compatibility. Sync major packes fro...
Discussion of the Roadmap for LPIA, and how this will affect users of karmic.
This specification is to discuss building MID images for Karmic
QA schedule for Ubuntu
Informational spec to draft a schedule guide for QA work, relative to the distro release schedule to better target the QA effort. The QA schedule is a bit off of the regular development release cycle. For example, we need to triage the high profile bug reports before any freezes so they can be brought to develope...
Discuss and identify easy or important AppArmor profiles that either do not exist yet or are not yet enabled by default.
PHP is about to make a new "minor" revision bump, from 5.3 to 5.4. This will remove some long standing security problems like register_globals, and add some advanced new features like Traits. The 5.3 series, meanwhile, will be coming to an end sometime sooner than the end of 12.04's 5 year supported cycle. In the in...
This is an overview topic blueprint to which other server team blueprints can be linked to for easier tracking.
Ubuntu has specific application to please most of the desktop user out there. The multimedia creation department is one of the few lacking areas. Having a kinda iLife suite would get new users. Including something like Diva could be a nice start.
The following additional features should be considered: * use a already downloaded CD to get packages for the upgrade * qt frontend * i18n for the upgrade notes * a "UpgradeIfInstall" section for packages like nvidia-glx so that the tool refuses to continue if it can't upgrade th...
What if installing a LDAP server was as easy as installing any standard GUI application in Ubuntu? We should have a standard setup which allows anyone to install a LDAP based network authentication architecture without struggling with cryptic configuration files and LDAP schemas.
Several ideas to improve Ubuntu submitted by the Ubuntu Forums community. The Forum Ambassadors team have collected several ideas to improve Ubuntu from the Gutsy Gibbon Idea Pool on the forums. The aim of the Forum Ambassadors team is to improve the communication and integration between the forums and the rest of ...
While the 13.04 cycle focus will not be on tooling for an Ubuntu SDK for app developers, we do want to kick off a discussion and ultimately define the criteria we will use to assess each one of the contending technologies and libraries we will include in a future Ubuntu SDK. Also we want to discuss what a future SD...
Should we have a desktop wide content store of media, files, etc with a common interface. Something that tracks all your files and metadata about those files. Also providing a common interface to find those files and and interact with them from various applications. Imagine managing your photo library in f-spot, ...
Discussion session to mine Jaunty history for lessons learned * Performance bugs * Freeze bugs * Need for kernel updates (and kernel team attention) for fixing root causes * Cost/benefit of reverting
VNC or no VNC for Ubuntu
That's a small topic but seems vino and compositing (i.e unity) don't work really fine together: Not sure if that's a driver issue, xorg, vino, other but the issue is not new and doesn't reflect nicely on Ubuntu, I think we should be honest about it and eit...
An Edubuntu Community Meeting is scheduled to happen in the Ubuntu Developers Summit, in Paris.
The Launchpad team asked the platform team for a joint session to review what kinds of scripts we currently have to interact with Launchpad, and which improvements could/should be done to Launchpad to support us better. (Examples: ubuntu-dev-tools, ubuntu-archive-tools, Apport, Bryce's arsenal, GNOME team's version...
Lots of Derivatives have problems changing the branding of Ubuntu. Making use of lsb_release in more places and other measures should be taken to make this easier.
There are lots of specifications for mobile tools in launchpad that may be completed, or may no longer apply, or may be interesting as current development targets. This list should be reviewed, and the relevant specs updated to current status.
Valuable asset
This blueprint is meant to be a "mind blurping" session on the OSK topic It is meant to capture - Capture the current state of OSK in the Touch architecture, what changes are needed prior to 13.10, - what potential ideas may we wish to capture for efforts beyond 13.10 see whiteboard for post-vUDS session update
ensure compatibility between the UEC and EC2 APIs.
LibreOffice is a huge project and has it own subcommunities: Marketing, Design/User Experience, L10n, Development. We should work to align Ubuntu and LibreOffice communities and connect them. We should also discuss topics that cross these community borders: - How do can we work in close cooperation on l10n? How can ...
Corporations deploying Ubuntu Desktop instances face a number of issues in adopting it in their environment. The major pain is Microsoft tools that mostly dominated the backend infrastructure - Active Directory, Exchange, LiveMeeting, Office and other.
User-driven beta testing of the Derived Distributions feature in Launchpad, which will eventually replace MoM
User-driven beta testing of the Derived Distributions feature in Launchpad, which will eventually replace MoM
Changes to Kubuntu Council at the start of the Intrepid cycle.
Informational spec covering our discussions involving Kubuntu and KDE release schedules.
Easy Support Access for Ubuntu
A centralised program/feature that would allow a new user the opportunity to click and have instant access to various support sites. This feature could be implemented with Konversation and allow 1 click access to the #kubuntu channel. Links that would send them directly to a Kubuntu related forum, wiki, or online ma...
Informal spec, consisting of * OpenOfficeGnome * OpenOffice64 * OpenOffice Localization * OpenOffice Help * OpenOffice Testing
Server (and specificallyJava) applications present a challenge in terms of packaging for Ubuntu. Alternative packaging and distribution methods should be considered to ensure that Ubuntu can support server application requirements whilst minimising overheads.
During the Lucid development cycle we run a testing program for proprietary graphic drivers and their integration with Ubuntu. Details of the program can be found at the wiki [1]. Feedback from participants [2] was very positive and some of them are even willing to organize similar testing efforts. This blueprint ...
The QA team and the Security both need to test GUI applicatiions. This session is to dicsuss the current state of different tools: mago, sikuli, kvm-autotest, others? and to coordinate efforts between the QA team and the Security team on developing tests.
We need to discuss the analysis done by nijaba, and decide what packages need to be added to Ubuntu Server to be competitive with SLES and RHAS.
This is a placeholder for security discussions at UDS Boston. This will be replaced with other specs as a result of these discussions. Discussion topics include: Ubuntu Firewall Package spec Redundant Firewall/ VRRP / CARP The state and future of AppArmor The possibility of switching to selinux Proactive-security ...
Openstack CI work during Vivid cycle
Summarize experiences and the outcome of the SoC projects and prepare a lightning talk.
The kernel team plans to maintain a separate kernel git tree for the Ubuntu Mobile flavours (lpia and lpiacompat currently). This is to allow for more rapid response to UME-specific issues _and_ to decouple UME from general kernel breakages during the development cycle.
The specification describes the issue encountered while using the hardy rhythmbox version
After the UDS-M session "Promoting LoCo Testing Teams" LoCo Teams have been invited to start their testing team. This session would review datas from teams, share things learned and discuss how to improve more.
If you've ever been to an Ubuntu developer summit you know that we don't run it like a normal conference. In fact, it's far closer to an unconference. The aim is to get the maximum amount of discussion and decision making about a huge variety of topics done over a one week period. The logistics of that can be very c...
This is an informational blueprint for discussions about Xorg work for Intrepid. Topics for discussion include: * Merging of Xorg 7.4 / xserver 1.5 * Criteria for deciding if we should merge xserver 1.6 too, if it is released in time for Intrepid * TTM (vs. Intel's GEM) * Kernel wishlist for Xorg * Bug triaging/fi...
Miscellaneous tasks needing to be done to get dapper live/install CDs for xubuntu.
Plans for Xubuntu QA during the 15.04 cycle
Hey, That's somewhat a "leftover" from this cycle, I know Lars has been working on getting the GNOME tools at feature parity, or at least to be useful enough to be able to use it instead of the system-config-printer gui, he was close of having it ready this cycle so I guess it should be fine for next cycle. Not so ...
The process and responsibilities for Edubuntu Documentation need to be more clearly defined. The Edubuntu documentation should fit under the Ubuntu documentation processes and resources / facilities, but has its own specific variations. UES will discuss the Edubuntu requirements and internal processes, and will carr...
Agenda: * come up with current workflows using bzr for packaging * investigate what needs to change * find out which tools to write, which infrastructure we need to slowly approach NoMoreSourcePackages
As the Ubuntu community grows, there is an increased pressure on the elected leaders of the community in the Community Council and Technical Board. This spec is a placeholder for a discussion of best practices around governance issues such as resolving conflicts, approving new members or developers and formalizing t...
Description: Revisiting the Merged Packaging Guide Agenda: * with the merged PackagingGuide being landed by the time of UDS, it will be interesting to find shortcomings in it * set up the agenda for Packaging Guide Phase 2
- the forum rocks - there are 400000 people on it - there's a hidden packaging section on there - how do we make it work?
* make a list of review processes * evaluate advantages and disadvantages * come up with a plan what needs to be done to converge all of these
The open source world is vibrant with new cloud technology projects getting created, and Ubuntu needs to watch those projects to stay on top of cloud technology. This session will focus on specific promising projects and attempt to define Ubuntu's strategy with respect to them.
This blueprint is to discuss the work need to add MySQL Utilities package to Debian and Ubuntu.
Apt & it's Gui frontend,Synaptic, were GREEEAATT for their time,but no more.with the size of files & the number of downloads worldwide,a new system needs to be used.something that can pause& resume updating. something that more efficiently handles the need for servers to be nearby,decreasing download times.something...
This blueprint will be used to track and spec the goals and features for en-AU translations for the next LTS cycle. Included current focus and team resource management.
A roundtable session for general discussion about topics related to Ubuntu App Development, which might or might have not been covered by other sessions on this UDS.
Qt Lighthouse for Ubuntu
Qt Developers will present an abstration system which makes it easy to port Qt to new platforms
Qt Developers will introduce the forthcoming Qt Quick library. Programming in stylesheets and scripting instead of C++.
Enable the Gnome AT-SPI accessibility framework by default during the Feisty development cycle to encourage more testing of the framework and desktop applications.
* Roundtable session where the LP Translations devs can expose what's coming in the next cycle and get feedback and answer questions from users * Topics from translators: * Translation sharing between Ubuntu and upstream projects hosted in LP (AdiRoiban) * Now that we have message sharing between ubuntu series...
Roundtable on: * bugs handling * answer tracking * process documentation for translators and developers
Roundtable with members of the desktop team to discuss everything related to translations. See the current topics or add new ones to the whiteboard
Unstructured session to discuss and gather feedback on all around Kubuntu translations. See the current topics or add new ones to the whiteboard
Unstructured session to discuss and gather feedback on all around Launchpad Translations as a tool.
Unstructured session to discuss and gather feedback on all around the Ubuntu translations community
Qt Panel for Ubuntu
Zeno Albisser and Denis Dzyubenko, Jens Bache-Wiig, and Adam Weinrich from the Nokia Qt team will be at UDS to answer any questions and discuss topics such as upcoming features of Qt and its inclusion in the default Ubuntu install.
Roundtable to discuss any topic around Ubuntu Translations Feel free to add any topic you'd like to address to the whiteboard below
This session was already held on wednesday, please remove :-)
Discussion about the current issues with the fonts we ship and how to improve the situation for Karmic.
* General introduction for triaging intel bugs * Improve process to collect info that makes upstreaming easy * Identify workarounds for common classes of problems
Arsenal and python-launchpadlib-toolkit ("lpltk") are used by kernel, xorg, and other desktop teams for managing large inflows of bug reports. This session is for coordination of Arsenal development work for Oneiric. Arsenal Development Planning  * Automatic release tagging effectiveness  * Migration of arsenal to...
DX - Roundtable for Ubuntu
General spec. for Maverick indicators
Upstart Q&A for Ubuntu
This session is intended to provide an overview of Upstart in support of other Upstart sessions at UDS geared towards specific parts of Ubuntu.
The trash can needs to be worked upon. It lacks some functionality and has a few inconsistencies and not well enough thought about policies. The following links are only meant as a reference for developors. If bundling all this seems inappropiate, feel free to delete this blueprint. This bundles the following blue...
The KDE developers would like a meeting with Canonical management, please schedule for Friday.
LoCo Open Day for Ubuntu
This spec is to discuss a pilot LoCo Open Day event in which LoCo teams from around the world will hold events (virtual or otherwise), recruit new members, develop documentation and other things. The idea of the events is to get more members, develop strategies and feed the press about the great work going on with t...
As we add support for 3rd party management tools, we need to review where they overlap with Landscape and where they could be integrated with Landscape.
Our community are doing all sorts of interesting things, but if cannot measure what the community is doing effectively, it can be difficult to direct attention to this good work and explore other opportunities. This spec is to discuss ideas and methods in which we can measure how well the community works, and to mak...
Launchpad plans for Ubuntu
Talking about the Launchpad development for the next cycle, including both the stuff that the Canonical Launchpad team is going to do and any things that Ubuntu would like to do for itself.
Power Management for Ubuntu
The Power Management session brought together Hal, Kernel, Nokia and gnome-power-management people and discussed changes which could take place in the near future.
What to do with and expect from Eucalyptus for Karmic.
A roundtable to discuss anything related to the Ubuntu Translations community, and to Launchpad Translations as a tool. Please feel free to add suggestions for topics to the whiteboard.
Examine differences between OpenStack and Eucalypus and how these may or may not be relevant for UEC.
This specifications discusses the way to make IBM DB2 UDB easily installable and configurable on Ubuntu, automating most of the neccessary steps needed for having a working DB2 installation.
It was originally planned to have a plenary session at UDS to show some of the improvements that happened to LXC and containers in general over the past cycle. Unfortunately, the schedule being already full, this plenary won't happen. I'd appreciate if this session could be scheduled early in the week and before th...
This spec is informational only to discuss the current and long term ARM kernel for the Lucid cycle Outcome was that we will support 2.6.31 kernel for freescale imx51 and .31 (or .32) for marvel dove - if kernel gets delivered in time.
With the addition of qemu-arm-static it is easy to create a chroot for armel binaries on a i386 or amd64 host. This setup needs to be better integrated with debootstrap and should be enhanced to support other architectures like powerpc or mips.
Canonical is committed to pushing the edge with MT technology and supporting the ability for applications to use multiple touchpoints for all sorts of creative use cases. As such, uTouch has been targeted at devices that support 3- and 4-touch. However, we now need to consider gracefully supporting devices of a less...
Swap files are in common use. Users can be in for a nasty surprise (lost data!, see bug 48517) when they find out that Ubuntu does not do swap files. Yes, that is right, ubuntu will let you activate swap files but then severely endanger the data on the partition where it resides on. This spec is about the necessa...
Discussion to improve the Desktop Testing Program and to get more community members to increase our testcase base.
This spec is about providing a way to host a "derivative" archive that understands more about its relationship to its parents than most archives do today. What this adds over current archives is a way to visualise and manipulate the differences between this archive and its parents.
Discuss the development processes for the mobile platform

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