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Not sure if that one should be in the GNOME spec, but totem 3.2 switched
to have only clutter-gst as a video playing backend (i.e no xv backend).

We probably don't want to switch video players in a lts cycle but not
sure if we should go with the new version (we staying on 3.0 which still
uses xv for Oneiric). Clutter-gst might introduce issues (vblank was
mentioning as a potential issue with compiz during this cycle when we
discussed it), not sure how much it got tested on i.e armel or how much
it could be an issue on some video drivers...

Should we go for the new version and deal with issues or stay safe with
the old version using xv, or look for a different video player to use?

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pitti: I don't think this makes a good UDS topic. This requires extensive testing on different hardware, and consulting the ARM guys whether clutter works for them and how well. Of course we could just decide to stay on 3.0 with xv, but that doesn't require an UDS session either.

robclark (ARM guy): not a big fan of clutter approach.. would like to know more about why clutter is needed/used, and whether there are fallbacks? If clutter is just to get OSD, the dri2 video changes I'm working on could solve the same issue with less memory bandwidth. I'm not entirely sure how much of totem is effected by this, ie. is it something that could be solved by just having an alternative video sink?

jbicha: Perhaps we could add this to the Default Apps session then. My opinion currently is that keeping Totem 3.0 would be safest, as hardware that can't do 3D can't use Totem 3.2+.

Guillaume: FYI Empathy 3.4 will switch to clutter-gst as well for video calls.

seb128: we decided at UDS to be conservative and not use clutter for the LTS so staying on the current version
@robclark: clutter seems to be the toolkit GNOME is standardizing on for animations and GL use


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