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This session is to record the results of the Desktop Experience and Online Services Integration roundtables in the form of a best practice guide for interacting with the Platform Team.

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Martin Pitt
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2008-12-17 pitti: The wiki page now combines the results of the phone calls and sessions with the Desktop Experience and Online Services teams, Matt's recent email about collaboration, Rick Spencer's UDS notes, and my own braindump to a reasonably complete "best practices" document.

Matt, Colin, Robbie, David, Steve, can you please review/comment? David, Steve, since this directly affects your teams, are you fine with the proposed workflow and responsibilities?

2008-12-17 cjwatson: I've reviewed this and it seems pretty good; I made some minor changes. Perhaps it would be useful to offer some more guidance on stable updates too? For example, it helps us significantly if upstream can commit to maintaining the versions we include in stable releases and can provide *minimal* backports of necessary fixes.

2008-12-17 dbarth: It does reflect the discussions held so far. The team is fine with the proposed workflow.

2008-12-17 pitti: thanks Colin and David. I added more SRU bits, as per Colin's suggestion.

2008-12-17 mdz: I've sent detailed feedback by email

2009-01-05 pitti: feedback integrated, please review again

2009-01-05 mdz: this looks good to me, we can improve it further based on practical experience with the process

2009-01-05 scott: looks good to me too

2009-01-05 pitti: Steve, Elliot, since this affects your team as well, can you give this a review and tell us whether this workflow works for you?

2009-01-06 dbarth: Approved based on current feedback, let's take that as a start and see how it works out

2009-01-06 stevea: Looks good. Works for my team.

2009-01-06 mdz: requested review from Rick Clark and Gustavo Niemeyer


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