Launchpad Translations roundtable

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* Roundtable session where the LP Translations devs can expose what's coming in the next cycle and get feedback and answer questions from users
* Topics from translators:
  * Translation sharing between Ubuntu and upstream projects hosted in LP (AdiRoiban)
    * Now that we have message sharing between ubuntu series, see if we can share those translations between Ubuntu and upstream projects hosted in LP

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Session notes:

= Launchpad Translations roundtable =

 * Intention is to provide an understanding the goals of Launchpad, and in particular the Translations component
 * Also to get some input on what translators think about Launchpad today
 * What the LP Translations team will work on in the near future:
 * Concentrating effort in bridging the gap between Ubuntu and upstreams. It's going to take some time, at leat the 6 months cycle. Starting with enabling imports of upstream GNOME translations.
 * The team will still work on fixing bugs

== Input/Questions from translators ==

 * "not 100% credits" bug on the way to be fixed, probably by the end of the week after the script run. Update: it might take up to 20 days according to the latest calculations.
 * Upstream imports: starting with 4.2 (4.2.1.). 4.1 will mean talking directly to upstream to see how they want to get translations submissions, and the LP team will work on that.
 * xml checks integrated in LP: still not integrated in gettext, which is the main blocker. Upstream is interested in implementing this, just haven't found the time to do it. They'd welcome some help!
 * Revert to packaging: not many requests. So far only Malayam? Some other are considering it. Per language it is doable, and it has been offered to teams in the past.
 * Upstream integration: going to start with GNOME (although this will be the ground work for other intltool-based upstreams), all imported _read only_ into LP (probably daily), so that they'll be shown as global suggestions. We'll integrate into their processes, not the other way around. This will also be useful in finding out Ubuntu-specific translations.
 * Priorities: GNOME, KDE, Debian. FF and OO.o will be much more complex.
 * Automatic approval: at the moment for LP project only. it's a separate item - Ubuntu will still be different - some messages will still be Ubuntu-specific and there will still be a separate queue.

== Impressions on upstream integration ==

* Milo: will like to see Ubuntu-specific strings, especially from KDE.
* Adi: finds Firefox very important as well


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