Main inclusion requests from Canonical's corporate partners

Registered by Colin Watson

OEMs / Canonical's corporate partners have requested that Ubuntu support several additional packages in main:
 - sssd (updated to latest stable version).
 - opensc: Enterprise customers (PSE currently supporting) are using opensc to work with smart cards. Review in progress to determine use by French and US Gov (HSPD-12). Requires work with GDM integration.
 - tpm-tools and dependencies: Enterprise customers (PSE currently supporting) are using tpm devices in Enterprise notebooks/desktops. Requires additional fixes / QA.
 - apt-mirror, apt-proxy, apt-cacher-ng: Those packages are essential in setting up local repository, proxies and customer specific repos in the Enterprise. Customers use them extensively, and they should be in main. Currently they are all in universe.

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Steve Langasek
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Accepted for oneiric
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Steve Langasek
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Steve Langasek

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SSSD has the notion of LTM ("Long-Term Maintenance") series, the current one being 15.x (latest: 1.5.7). I would prefer we stick to shipping LTM in Ubuntu.
As aside, SSSD is currently DOA in natty due to bug #746981
(EtienneG, May 9th)

[vorlon] My understanding from talking with Marc Deslaurier after this session is that each of these proposed MIRs is uncontroversial, and that the consensus is that the MIR bugs simply need to be filed and the packages reviewed as usual. So I don't think we need to track this as a work blueprint for the oneiric cycle, provided that someone has committed to open those bug reports?

sssd seems to require additional attention, as the version currently in Ubuntu (and in Debian) is 1.2.1 and Etienne says 1.5.7 is needed. This doesn't look like a package that the Foundations team is in a position to pick up maintenance of; have resources to bring this package up to date been identified (either as part of the UDS session or elsewhere)? Bug 757499


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