Ubuntu Translations Roundtable

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A roundtable to discuss anything related to the Ubuntu Translations community, and to Launchpad Translations as a tool.

Please feel free to add suggestions for topics to the whiteboard.

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Session notes:

 * LP translations for next 6 months
   - Share translations between upstreams and Ubuntu
   - Help translators to push strings upstream
   - Idea: integrate with upstream processes. E.g. GNOME integration would mean submitting translations to damned-lies (that's still only an idea), other upstreams use other methods (mailing lists, commits, etc), and we'd try to accomodate
   - That'd mean probably not commit directly into repositories, unless there are project-specific needs
   - We've got bzr branches already, but not everyone uses/might want to use them.
   - We'd be starting with GNOME, our main upstream, and that'd be the main priority.
   - Focus next ~6 months: upstream integration and maintenance of the current infrastructure.
   - On particular features:
     - Comments would be something that will not be addressed as a new feature. It would be interesting, but at this time there are no resources unless someone steps up to lead such an effort
     - Direct PO downloads: now there is enough performance to actually implement it, but that is something the LP devs won't be able to work on themselves.
     - Qt support: not planned from the Ubuntu side, but possible. From the LP side, on the radar, but definitely not in the near future.

* Agreed to open translations earlier in the cycle to allow translating Ubuntu-specific packages as soon as possible
  - Ubuntu teams have now matured enough to know about working with upstream and avoiding duplicate work whenever possible

* Things that should be improved in the release cycle:
  - NonLanguagePackDeadline updates: dpm to send a reminder e-mail to ubuntu-devel with translations attached
  - Freeze breaks: kate.stewart to look into assisting with raising awareness on this amongst developers - unannounced breaks do often delete contributions
  - Adding the creation of language packs in the alpha-1 milestone


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