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LibreOffice is a huge project and has it own subcommunities: Marketing, Design/User Experience, L10n, Development. We should work to align Ubuntu and LibreOffice communities and connect them. We should also discuss topics that cross these community borders:
- How do can we work in close cooperation on l10n? How can we improve? How important is a possible migration of LibreOffice to gettext, which would allow a tighter integration of launchpad.
- How do we integrate LibreOffice Branding and Ubuntu Branding?
- How do we push forward in LibreOffice User Experience and Design?

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Work items for oneiric-updates:
[bjoern-michaelsen] Implement possible gettext migration upstream: POSTPONED

Work items:
[bjoern-michaelsen] ensure upstream artwork access for DONE
[bjoern-michaelsen] ensure upstream artwork access for DONE
[bjoern-michaelsen] Connect Jason/Desktop team with upstream UX team: DONE
[bjoern-michaelsen] Contact LibreOffice docs team to try to get a member of their team to go to the OpenHelp conference in Cincinnati, OH. : DONE
[ubuntu-doc] Ubuntu docs reply to LibreOffice docs team to open conversation between our teams: TODO
[bjoern-michaelsen] Connect dpm with Sophie Gaultier and others from the upstream translator community: TODO
[bjoern-michaelsen] Follow up and drive the discussion upstream to migrate to gettext: DONE

Updating LibreOffice is like updating 200 packages, so it is risky that something might break

- Artwork was upstreamed into LibreOffice to simplify the artwork workflow
- Ubuntu artwork / icon maintainer can contribute directly to the upstream artwork
- Some users want to be able to just send icons / artwork to an upstream contact via email, but this may not always work well because of workflow issues and licensing concerns.
UPDATE 2011-05-16:
- has upstream commit access.
- just applied.

Design and UX:
- Upstream does good work, but sometimes things can go a little slow. Too much process, not enough getting things done.
- UX people should feel free to contact UX developers at LibreOffice. If you aren't sure who to contact, get in touch with Bjorn Michaelson. He will help you get in touch with the right person.
- LibreOffice docs team has reached-out to the Ubuntu docs list for help with upstream docs, but Ubuntu docs is stretched pretty thin.
UPDATE 2011-05-21:
docs teams will be able to connect on OpenHelp. see

- What are the priorities? Getting the translations to gettext format would be very helpful, but would be tough to implement.
- Bjorn would need to talk with the technical committee of LibreOffice about getting gettext implementations in place for LibreOffice. This may take some time, but there is a GSoC session around this ( ).
- Getting in touch with Sophie Gautier <> would be helpful, so Bjorn will help get S. in touch with David P. from Ubuntu.

-There will be four L.O. release during the 11.10 release cycle. The "dot-zero" release will be for bleeding-edge users.
KDE integration:
- What can be done to ease integration in KDE?


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