Include a true video editing software with DVD creation capabilities

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Ubuntu has specific application to please most of the desktop user out there. The multimedia creation department is one of the few lacking areas. Having a kinda iLife suite would get new users. Including something like Diva could be a nice start.

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No action at this time, we need to see how pitivi comes along in the next few months.

I am a heavy user when it comes multimedia/video editing things and it has been such a disappointing area for someone that loves Ubuntu and even having to rely on a dual boot machine to finish my work in this area, I Would easily dedicate my spare time in programming the features I need but my knowledge on programming/developing is zero (I would translate to Portuguese/Spanish if needed), so for now I just register my suggestion here that all the scattered pieces of software are out there and perhaps the only thing we need is to gather them all in one killer program with a nice GUI, the GUI itself sometimes being the issue itself.
 My dream program would be something like the LiVEs ( Linux editing software) that integrates a burning DVD feature and a simple all codecs converter integrated to its program therefore making it a editing software, all in one converter, DVD/CD burner program; another feature that could be integrated to it would be features that Kino has such as the video capture ones, the subtitles editor could also have the options of inserting a already made ones or to insert at the moment.
  So basically the Main programs to be part of the " multimedia frankstein " would be:

 Video editing/capture: KDENLIVE, LiVES, Kino
 Codecs: All the lib available ones
 Converter: FFMPEG, Mencoder, Mjpegtools, others for .SWF and portable devices like Ireverter (PSP,IPOD etc)
 DVD burner: any one such as Gnomebaker or DeVeDe
 Full solutions: Mistelix (see

Dont' forget PiTiVi, which is very slick and user friendly, but sadly far from complete yet (ver 0.11.3). Perhaps something will be ready for Karmic+1 (

For convertor: have a look at Arista ( and Transmageddon (

*Ubuntu does not ship a video editor by default

== Capabilities Needed ==
*Audio/Video rendering in multiple formats
*Multilayer editing
*Split&change media (i.e. Add music to a video)

gstreamer now supports DV, which should make it easier for Pitivi to support it

If the video editor also created DVDs, you could mark the chapters in the editor

transmegadon for putting videos onto the ipod touch

pspvc for converting video for a PSP

== Candidates ==
* Pitivi: python and gstreamer based, easy to use, will support transitions, multilayer editing before Karmic is released.
  - doesn't do DV (yet)
  -Can't create DVD-Video

* Cinelerra is not very stable and hard to use, altough powerful
* OpenMovieEditor

* Kino doesn't feel integrated, and it is hard to deal with

creating DVD menus is too hard

formats are hard to support many, we should standardize on one or two common formats

another tool to lookat is avidemux

DV capture
high definition video
usb capture from the cameras that are mass storage

Sounds like Pitivi has the most potential, the killer feature now seems to be lack of DV support. But that seems like it should be solvable now that gstreamer supports DV

Bombono DVD seems like a good option for DVD menus.


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