BOF release team to review current processes, clarify and simplfy when possible

Registered by Kate Stewart on 2010-10-18

This BOF is to brainstorm on the current release process and ways it can be improved for Natty. Some of the open questions up for discussion:
- There are more projects now interacting (ubuntu on cloud, linaro, and other flavors), that need to have inter-dependencies clarified.
- There are many process pages for managing a release is scattered over many different WIKI pages, and the role as to who needs to do which tasks is not always clear ( does it make sense to create a unified summary page with roles a bit clearer? ).
- How to get better feedback/bugs earlier in the release cycle?
- Interaction between stable release updates and linaro
- What images do we really need to create with each release?

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Post Mortem from 10.10
  - what worked?
  - what needs improvement?
  - what needs to have eye kept on?

Starting points for organizing infrastructure for release process documentation.
   ? have the key ones been found?
   ? which ones should be consolidated?
   ? clarify roles as to who can do each task, standardize format? (who-role, where, what ) already organized by what.

Interlocking with other teams processes?
  * Linaro's post-Ubuntu release policy -
  * Linaro's 11.05 Schedule -
Stable Release process
Toolchain ? (Linaro 2nd Tuesday of month) - predictability?
Others ?
  ? master chart to coordinate milestones & resource implications

What are the images we'll be releasing as part of Natty?
  ? consolidation?
  ? communication and expectation setting?

Natty Release Schedule
  ? any issues/concerns with schedule?
  ? scheduling targetted bug-hugger themes in advance? (time to fix triaged bugs)
  ? better feedback on alphas? beta?


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