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***** NOTE : Please keep the discussion on the website on one place, that is this blueprint *****

We shall discuss here everything about our website (

1- Theme
2- Pages
3- Content
4- Whether to use WordPress or not?
5- Who else to have access beside our Website Admin so he/she can update whenever needed?
6- Other topics

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[William] As far as the theme of the website, I intentionally went with a super minimal design to reflect the super minimal distro. The website leans heavily on a shade of blue with RGB values: 128, 179, 255 - I found that particular shade to be inviting, also 80% of human beings favorite color is blue (for whatever statistics are worth).

Wordpress has seen too many security issues over the years for me to trust.

Content is simple once the actual pages the site will have is established.

As far as other people being able to administrate the website. The easiest way would be to upload a folder with the HTML files, stylesheet, and images. This would have to be password protected and secure. Considering that such person would need FTP access, it would probably make most sense to simply tuck the files away somewhere on the webserver unless they would simply rather edit the files directly from the live directory. I can also look at integrating a CMS solution such as pagelime, I have worked with it before, but looking into it is not at the top of my list.

Other topics: Are we going use an official forum? I thought there was talk of that some time ago but my mind might be playing tricks on me. I have a partially constructed forum here: - If we do go with a real forum(I really think we should) I would be the administrator but would also need a couple of moderators. Rules of conduct would need to be established for the moderators to enforce.
[f-jack] We could do a google plus community like we have with Ubuntu Gnome instead of a forum. That works really well for the project and I could help teach any of the mods if needed.

[William] I have lent, and continue to lend the idea of using a Google+ community as our solution to a message board. But I do have concerns. One, Google+ is a minority player - realistically, not many people use it and we need to have discussions that are highly available to all. I know people who refuse to use G+ and they have their own good reasons. Anecdote: My distro of choice is elementary OS. I have been using it since Luna was release so many months ago. One of the first things I realized was that instead of having a message board, they used G+ to serve that purpose. My first post to that community was a long tirade against using G+ as a forum, with a stream of logic to support my argument. Needless to say that post did not go anywhere, but to this day as I evangelize elementary OS, I run into people who have heard of it, but refuse to use it all because there only means of communication is G+. Don't get me wrong, I know mechanically G+ is a good option, and in regards to eOS I got used to it and am very active in their community... I suppose leave it as a matter of debate for the moment.

[Mélodie] About G+ : I think it is as fit to develop projects as it would be on twitter: that's to say it doesn't make sense.

I agree about using the forum for many things. I will probably not replace the specific places for brainstorming such as here, but can be very useful for things we need to be able to reach topic by topic in one shot, and all gathered under a unique index.

I can offer to become moderator, only I would like the rules to be as simple as possible. Here is what has been defined for Linuxvillage forum, please tell me what you think?

I would suggest to use IRC on freenode to have a direct chat for all. #torios on is a place where I could find some people to help setup, keep, and configure the right way, and I also know some persons who could setup a log for it. Linuxvillage has two places to keep logs for the chan, including a search engine:
log: ::

I know you, William, and Ali, said you don't like IRC. If you have an xchat client nicely configured, with the right colors for each part, and the right fonts, you shouldn't have issues with it.

[amjjawad] Kindly have a read at:

Let's take it easy, shall we??!!

[William] Yes, G+ is awful for managing projects, I was referring more to offering a community for end users. Which also has downsides over a forum. In another email you mentioned configuring the board to accommodate graphic design. I have gone ahead and done so. You should have an email I replied to regarding why I set it up the way I did. It is simple enough to make you a moderator, but really wouldn't make sense unless we put up another board for end users. I am not opposed to IRC, merely unaccustomed to it. I had a chat with Ali sometime ago and it was the chat I have been party to in over a decade.

 Ali, I have been away from my computer more then usual the last few days, as I consequence I am drowning in email and my head is spinning as I try to catch up. Possibly a dumb question: Is the re-assignment of the forum for graphic designed discussion sharing sanctioned? If not, then I am submitting it here as a suggestion.

I am going to catch up on your required reading and then take it easy as you suggest.

[amjjawad] now that the needed pages have been created, it is time to fill the gabs and replace the Launchpad Link with something more useful and needed ;)
I will communicate that on the mailing list of ToriOS team :)

[amjjawad] our plan will be like this:
We need first to finish this: THEN work on this: THEN on when it comes to Themes and Colours (NOT the contents thought) - please do see the 'Dependency tree' below :)

Will update the Work Items to reflect this change :)

Thank you!

[amjjawad] it is time now to get the final version of our website up and running ;)
I shall review each and every thing inside our website and get back to you all :)


Work Items

Work items:
1- : DONE
2- The 'News' Section needs to be working so the whole world can stay up to date about ToriOS news - : DONE
3- Add new Page for "Screenshots" : DONE
4- Add new page for "Join us" or "Getting Involved" : DONE
5- Add new page for "Contact Us" : DONE
6- Add new Page called "Community" or "ToriOS Team" : DONE
7- Email sent to explain more about the purpose of the newly created pages for our website - : DONE
8- Website Theme and Colours MUST be done after finishing and - please do see the Dependency tree : DONE
9- Ask the community for their feedback about ToriOS Website version Alpha in order to move to version Beta - : DONE
10- amjjawad to send an updated version of ToriOS website (version 2.0) - : DONE

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