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If truth to be told, I am 'not' happy at all with the current communications for ToriOS Team. It seems my emails, advices, suggestions, etc are being ignored or not yet understood and/or there is a real issue and the problem is actually getting worse.

Mailing Lists are being misused.
Blueprints are being misused.
Long and endless discussions which lead confusions and delay.
Replying the notifications emails from Launchpad instead of starting new email.
Top posting and bottom posting at the same time on the same thread.
Work Priorities are not in order.
One gets so confused trying to understand what is where and ended up totally lost.
Failure to understand the purpose of the mailing list, blueprints, IRC, Forums, etc.

The above points are quick observations since we have officially started ToriOS until now. I am not blaming anyone. In fact, I do blame myself only for not making things as clear as possible. It was my job to highlight these issues so I am the one to be blamed and I am the one who must fix this now. Sorry for the short notice.

In order to maintain a healthy communication for ToriOS team, everyone is required to do these steps:

1- HOLD everything ASAP and no further progress on anything to be made, please!

2- Kindly make sure to read this 'very' carefully:

3- If you're done from Step #2, please 'do' ask if you have anything in mind. The Only Stupid Question is the One You Don’t Ask.

4- Kindly 'do' read this very carefully:

5- If you're done from Step #4, please 'do' ask if you have anything in mind. The Only Stupid Question is the One You Don’t Ask.

6- Please 'do' KISS (Keep It Simple and Short). This is 'very' important. It is super odd that we fail to KISS while this project is all about KISS.

7- Please, 'do not' confuse between the purpose of each channel. Each channel (Mailing List, Forums, Blueprints, Launchpad, etc) has a purpose which you can use it to do a specific task and 'not' using it to do another different task.

8- IRC and/or Google+ Hangout meetings 'are required'. This is very important. The more we chat at the same time, the better. Yes, I am fully aware of the different time zones but that shouldn't be a huge issue. Those who fail to catch up can always go back to youtube in case of Google Hangout Meetings OR the log of an IRC meeting.

9- Please relax and no need for rush. While time is running quickly and pass, rushing things and doing tasks incorrectly is even worse than 'not' doing anything at all. We shall spend time fixing the mistakes we may do and that means extra wasted time and more energy wasted and more resources wasted.

10- If any of the above points aren't clear, kindly 'ask' no matter what your Q is.

Thank you!

How To Edit The Whiteboard on Blueprints
The steps are very easy and simple:

1- While you are viewing the Blueprint you would like to edit, Click on the Yellow Icon which says "Edit Whiteboard" - please see:

2- Add your name/username/launchpad name between two [YOUR_NAME_HERE].

3- Post your suggestion at the bottom of the Whiteboard.

4- Once done, click on the Green Icon to accept the changes. You are Done.

5- Thank you for editing the Whiteboard.

6- Please 'do not' edit the description of the blueprint.

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[zleap] I think people may be new to launchpad like me, are still finding their way around what is a comprehensive and complex system to use. I am sure things will come together in the end. I just re-edited this as i forgot to include my name.
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[israeldahl] This page is a bit verbose and has some vague phrases. My suggestion is to clear up these pages a bit once you have had more sleep and taken some rest. This may be why some of us are confused as to how to approach things correctly.
Such as:
"Replying the notifications emails from Launchpad instead of starting new email."
Does this mean I need to start a new thread for each e-mail I reply to, or should I reply to the e-mail, or is this about whiteboard changes only?
And also:
"2- Kindly make sure to read this 'very' carefully:"
This is the entire help site. How can one read every single page very carefully? This makes it confusing, as though you meant something specific, and then link to everything possible (which may be what you want)
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[amjjawad] [RE: israeldahl] Sorry for the late reply and for not being extra clear. I should have figured out the Blueprints might be very new to some of the members of ToriOS but I thought almost everyone is coming either from Lubuntu and/or Ubuntu GNOME is a bit familiar with the blueprints and launchpad. I have set up 2 areas, one for Lubuntu ( and 2nd for Ubuntu GNOME ( which made me assume everyone knows how to deal with the blueprints it seems I was wrong. That is why, the other day, even though I was so tired, I created two YouTube Videos to explain everything.

(1) As for "Replying the notifications emails from Launchpad instead of starting new email.": When a blueprint is 'assigned' to a Launchpad 'Team' and that 'Team' has 'Mailing List', any change on the 'blueprint' will be sent as an email to the mailing list so everyone who has subscribed to the list, he/she will receive a 'notification' email about that change.
Replying that email will just create a confusing and it is just not right.
You can:
1- Whenever you see the notification, read the blueprint that has changed and you get the notification from
2- If you have to reply/post something, either you edit the blueprint (whiteboard) or send a email to this list.

We don't usually reply the notification email.

I hope it is clear now :)

(2) As for "2- Kindly make sure to read this 'very' carefully:":
I definitely don't want anyone to actually 'read the entire site' but was trying to point out to that site as a 'reference' that you can go back to if things are not clear. That is all :)

If there is anything not yet clear, please let me know :)

Thank you!
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Work Items

Work items:
1- Send an email to the mailing list to ensure 'everyone' is aware of this blueprint - : DONE
2- HOWTO Use Launchpad Videos - Part 1 ( and Part 2 ( are two YouTube videos that should help as a reference : DONE

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