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Ubuntu GNOME Documentation & Wiki Team needs to have a clear plan/vision (AKA Roadmap) for Trusty Tahr Cycle

This blueprint to discuss all the possible suggestions/ideas for a roadmap for this sub-team

- Set clear goals
- Set clear tasks
- Define the roles of each member
- Assign task for each member

And so on

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[amjjawad - Roadmap Proposal]

0- To Keep and eye and make sure to ALWAYS Update: AND whenever needed - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT because these two pages are the very main focus on Wiki & Docs Team

1- TO-DO for this cycle (Trusty Tahr):

b -


d- Make sure the Wiki Area is up-to-date as always: and make sure the Wiki Map of Ubuntu GNOME is always updated whenever new page is added.

2- We need to Recruit More Contributors.

3- I need at least 'two' members to step in for the position of Ubuntu GNOME Wiki and Docs Administrators to handle these tasks:
a- cover my absence for whatever reason.
b- recruit more contributors.
c- continue to work on the Wiki Area and maintain it.
d- Launchpad administration work: accept members, etc.

In short, each sub-team needs a backup to cover the absence of the Team Leader of that team + to help him in order not to burn out. This eventually will help to develop a great healthy and friendly environment based on 'Team Work' which is our highest priority and forever target.

4- Discuss (in a meeting OR on the mailing list) all the above + other 'possible' suggestion as far as the time allows.

Note: I strongly and highly recommend a Google+ Hangout Session which can be also recorded so everyone can watch and learn more.

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These are my suggestions for the roadmap of Ubuntu GNOME Documentation Team :)

+1 = Agree
0 = don't know/not sure/don't want to vote
-1 = Disagree

Feel Free to Edit the Whiteboard with any comment in mind :)

Thank you!

[jamesvorder] +1

[inivanoff1, 23.12.2013] +1

[jamesvorder] Another thing that has a place in our roadmap is establishing a presence on This is something of a big deal because it changes the structure of our wikis entirely. Since this is what protocol seems to be for Ubuntu flavors, we should probably follow suit.

[kashkarimi] +1 definitely agree about hangout session

[amjjawad] [RE: jamesvorder] For Trusty Cycle, no further actions to be done on our Wiki Area except what we have agreed on - please see the Work Items - and if we are talking about: then I shall take care of this and reach to a mutual agreement. If it is a must to follow that email, all what should we do is moving the HOWTO section ONLY, everything else shall remain. WE have NO enough manpower to maintain two Wiki Areas for the time being. I don't want my team to be burned out. We have another 6 months starting from the next cycle in May 2014 - October 2014 to talk about this. Thank you :)

[amjjawad] has been approved which means it is part of Trusty Roadmap for the Wiki Team :)

[amjjawad] Hi, unless you guys have anything in mind (I do have something that I will share with you soon), I think I will mark this one as 'implemented' and by this, The Wiki Team is going to be the very first Sub-Team of Ubuntu GNOME who finished everything :D this is really great. Well done everyone and thank you so much for everything!

[amjjawad] Hi, this is the wrap up report for Ubuntu GNOME Wiki & Docs Team for Trusty Tahr Cycle:

Again, thank you Ivan and thank you James :D you both are amazing!


Work Items

Work items:
(Deadline - 1) To finish everything before 20-3-2014 - : DONE
(Deadline - 2) Email sent - to make sure everyone is aware of the document freeze : DONE
(1-a-1) Separate Basic and Advanced how to sections: DONE
(1-a-2) Complete - : DONE
***(1-b-1)*** Create Terminal use page -- to be discussed after TT Cycle : POSTPONED
(1-b-2) Complete - : DONE
(1-c-1) Expand Installation page: DONE
(1-c-2) Complete - : DONE
(1-d-1) Complete - : DONE
(1-d-2) Complete - : DONE
***(2)*** Recruit MORE Active Wiki Contributor : POSTPONED
(3) Both and have been chosen as Administrators of Ubuntu GNOME Wiki and Docs Team - in fact they have earned that title: DONE
(4-a) Meet on Google Hangouts - - FINALLY : DONE
(4-b) Meet on Google Hangout - session 2 : INPROGRESS
(Other - 1) has been updated (IRC Section) : DONE
(Other -2) - Updated : DONE
(Other -3) - Updated : DONE
(Other - 4-a) - New Page has been created : DONE
(Other - 4-b) - has been updated : DONE
(Other - 4-c) - has been divided into two sub-pages and became much more simple and easy to read follow and understand : DONE
(Other - 5-a) - NEW Page has been created : DONE
(Other -5-b) - has been updated and The NEW Page of the Wiki Map has been added : DONE
(Other - 5-c) - Updated to reflect the NEW Page of Wiki Map : DONE
(Other - 6) - New Section on Ubuntu GNOME Wiki & Docs Team Wiki Page has been added - this is an important section which I am planning to include on each page for each sub-team : DONE
***** The Wrap Up Report for Trusty Tahr Cycle - : DONE

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