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[jamesvorder] In light of recent mailing list conversations, we should be adding some information to the wiki area about accessibility options for Ubuntu GNOME. This would be especially useful to people who want to install Ubuntu GNOME that have a disability.

[inivanoff1] I thought about adding this to the Howtos or somewhere in the Installation page as a link to a new page, e.g. "How to install Ubuntu GNOME with accessibility options?" Our Howtos page is already implemented, so we can add the accessibility help in the Installation page.

[jamesvorder] What we could also do is make a page for it at UbuntuGNOME/Accessibility and link to it in both the Installation page and the HOWTO page. Because Accessibility is a seperate issue from installation and it doesn't really need much of a HOWTO. It wouldn't really be appropriate as a subpage because of this... what do you think?

[inivanoff1] Yes, I agree about creating a new page and linking it with the Howtos and Installation. That idea suits me :P

[inivanoff1] I was playing with the accessibility options under System Settings > Universal Access and I think that these settings are very clear and easy to understand, so there is nothing more to explain. I suggest only to add one paragraph in the Installation page on how to access these settings if the user needs them. What do you think?

[aldomann] I think that would be it. Once you discover the a18y options, you own the world. They are easy to use and their function is very clear. The actual issue was how to install the system using them. It would be nice to add something like this at the end of the paragraph: "The accessibility features can be re-enabled via the System Settings, in case you disable them by mistake." or something similar.

[jamesvorder] I agree. When I was trying to fill a whole page, I immediately ran out of things to say. One paragraph on the Installation page would suffice.

[amjjawad] Where is the link of the page, guys? it should be posted here ;)

[inivanoff1] Everything on the list seems to be completed, so the blueprint can be implemented?


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1- Create new page - : DONE
2 - Add accessibility section to the Installation page: DONE
3- Add the new page to the Wiki Map : DONE

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