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PLEASE, keep in mind: KISS (Keep It Simple and Short).

WE DO NOT need complicated HOWTOs, please!

Do your best to write very simple howtos like: How to change your wallpaper, how to lock your screen, how to increase brightness, how to install theme, etc.

The reason behind why I want it to be as simple as possible is:

1- It would be super easy for Ubuntu GNOME Wiki Team to do that. We still have few members and from long experience, I know having active and dedicated members who could maintain a Wiki Area is a very hard job. So, we have limited resources, let's NOT add burden on their shoulders and start with something easy :0

2- Above all, I want to give the best experience to Windows Users who migrate to Linux and New Ubuntu GNOME Users. I want them to feel home. I want them to enjoy every bit of it. I want them to find an answer for their easiest Qs.

So, let's get started :)

[jamesvorder] The next order of business for this section of the wiki will be dividing it into two pieces. will hold some more terminal-intensive tasks, which we plan to link to man pages. This will hopefully make our wiki more complete without making it overly complex.

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[inivanoff1, 14.12.2013] For all doc-wiki team members I think this is the task with highest priority to do. As I mentioned to Ali in Facebook, until April 2014 we have to complete a normally large HowTos section with enough tutorials for novice and advanced users. I am going to write a message to the mailing list with some new ideas and I will contact James in order to organize our work, create some new tutorials and update the information on the Wiki page.

[amjjawad] Special thanks to everyone who worked so hard on the HOWTOs - impressive work :D

[jamesvorder] It would appear that everything on the list is complete! That means our next step is to add to the Work Items, and do those too. There's enough on the page already to satisfy most needs, but it certainly could be more inclusive :)

[amjjawad] Please confirm if there is anything else that needs to be added?

[inivanoff1, 03.01.2014] James has added a work item for networking tutorial and I think this is very important. We talk about networking through the GUI, because every new user has to know how to setup network connection in his or her first steps to Ubuntu GNOME.

[amjjawad] Okay then, no worries. Once you confirm the work is 100% done on the HOWTOs, please let me know (update this blueprint - whiteboard) and I shall take care of the rest. Many thanks and keep it up :)

[j0lliyo, 06.01.2013] What kind of networking? Wifi? Cabled network should work just plugging in the cable - do we want a howto showing how to set up static IP adresses and the likes?

[jamesvorder] Check out what's been done so far on That was about all that I think we planned on doing.
Of course, if there's something about static IPs etc. that's specific to only Ubuntu GNOME, it would have a place on our wiki. I don't think there is though...

[amjjawad] Great job, as always :) are we done from everything now? please confirm :)

[jamesvorder] Looks done to me. Thanks for the final edits Ali! We've really made something worth being proud of here guys :)

[amjjawad] Huge and Special thanks to the best work for the most active Sub-Team of Ubuntu GNOME - you guys have given me the best example of 'Team Work' and 'Professional Communications' and this is by far, my best experience ever with FOSS Communities so keep it up and yet, another successful completed Blueprint :D WELL DONE!


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Add Networking Tutorial: DONE
Add references to man pages: DONE

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