Blueprint assignments for “trunk”

This listing shows the assignment of work for blueprints currently associated with trunk. The drafter is responsible for getting the specification correctly written up and approved. The approver is usually the person who would sign off on the specification.

111 of 11 specifications
Priority Name Definition Delivery Assignee Drafter Approver
5 Essential Overview of desired features 0 Approved 12 Informational
4 High Create church directory display 0 Approved 11 Implemented
4 High List desirable feeds 0 Approved 12 Informational
2 Low Create denomination filters 0 Approved 5 Started Douglas Huston
2 Low Simplify migrations - wrap commands in script 0 Approved 11 Implemented Tim Black
1 Undefined Add a version column to the database, and integrate versioning with the UUID 0 Approved 11 Implemented Douglas Huston
1 Undefined Create Congregation groups table 0 Approved 11 Implemented Diana Graham
1 Undefined Make Congregation List - sortable table, add pagination, via a JQuery table widget 0 Approved 11 Implemented Mona Wilson
1 Undefined Add UUID to each congregation and group in the database by creating a UUID getter/setter attribute with associated methods 5 New 11 Implemented Diana Graham
1 Undefined Pick a color scheme 5 New 11 Implemented Mona Wilson
1 Undefined Push controller & template code into ToscaWidgets 6 Superseded 11 Implemented
111 of 11 specifications