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This bug tracks the overall progress of the general implementation of custom cursors in various ingame scenarios, attached as children.
Allow the ai to use the helipad= , factory= ,barracks= in rulesmd.ini to define how many factories per ai player will build(like it was in tiberian sun) programming the ai to build a second factory( Example: GAWEAP, GAWEAP1, GAWEAP2.....) simply makes the ai not use the other factories unless the main is destroyed....
Skirmish game completion screen is not customizable for new sides. No idea what happens to it right now.
Well I didn't saw that anywhere so I gues I can request it. Basicly it's something like the victory screen you get in Red Alert 3 and the music playing when you are victoryous. It would be awesome if we can change the music in the screen after the game is over (battle statistics screen).
Bring back the AV tag not well-known from Firestorm, which allows to customize whether a projectile can target vehicles. [Projectile]AV= (bool, defaults to AG): Whether this projectile can be fired at vehicles (UnitTypes). Opposed to TS, AV does not override AG and AA, and it can be defined independently of the two.
Req sw 2 for Ares
[HuntSeekSpecial] ;When you set the plane of hunter seeker a plane must set IsHunter=Bool or you while IE Name=Custom Hunter Seeker IsPowered=true RechargeVoice= ChargingVoice= ImpatientVoice= SuspendVoice= RechargeTime=12 Type=HunterSeeker SidebarImage=DETNICON HunterSeeker.Plane= HunterSeeker.PlaneInt= HunterSeek...
request for AI make AI build a specific building and (how many) of that building example [AMRADR] AIforceBuildThis=yes,no ;force ai to build this building AIBuildThisNum=0,1,100 ;ect. how many buildings of this type of building i will build?
Req droppod sw for Ares
[NewDropPodSpecial] Name=Custom Drop Pod RechargeTime=5 Action=DropAction Type=DropPod SidebarImage=DROPICON DropPod.ObjectFirst= ; first dropped object by drop pod (can be infantry, unit or aircraft) DropPod.ObjectSecond= ; second dropped object by drop pod (can be infantry, unit or aircraft) DropPod.M...

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