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Johnny is an OpenStack charm developer who plans to propose and land changes to the OpenStack charms in alignment with product strategy, new toolchain features, bug fixes, and related work items. He seeks confidence that his changes do not cause regression of functionality, as well as confirmation of the new features or fixes. He will add unit and functional test coverage to represent his contributions as he seeks timely feedback through automated unit, lint, integrated and functional testing of each proposed change.

Charlene is an OpenStack package maintainer who is responsible for building and releasing new Ubuntu packages in cadence with upstream releases. Prior to pushing packages into the archives, she seeks confidence in his proposed packages, that they are functional and free of regression. She also seeks confirmation of bug resolution via automated deployment testing.

Emmanuel is an Openstack Administrator who wants to upgrade from Juno to Kilo. He needs confidence that the upgrade path is well-tested.

Bob is a Cloud Consultant who wants to have common customer topologies exercised against OpenStack charm development. Bob provides cloud configurations, expressed as juju-deployer bundles, so that they may be included in automated testing.

Shawn is a Juju Core developer who works on a team that provides new features in proposed and development versions of Juju, to ultimately be released into Juju stable. He seeks confidence that the new features do not cause regression of functionality, and that the new features function as intended with regard to the OpenStack charms.

Charlie wants to use the OpenStack charms to run CI in a multi-node scalable environment against every upstream commit to master. Charlie needs to set up CI in house to deploy from source and run tempest or other tests on every commit.



Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-15.06:
[1chb1n] Add V/W charm-helper pieces for amulet testing (bug 1461535): DONE
[1chb1n] Add basic heat charm amulet tests (in conjunction with V/W enablement): DONE
[1chb1n] Add basic ceilometer-agent charm amulet tests (ahead of deploy-from-source dev): DONE
[1chb1n] Re-work existing percona-cluster charm amulet tests per series/release: INPROGRESS
[1chb1n] Update UOSCI for neutron-gateway charm name change: DONE
[1chb1n] Update mojo specs for neutron-gateway charm name change: INPROGRESS

Work items for ubuntu-15.07:
[1chb1n] Add basic percona-cluster charm amulet tests: INPROGRESS
[1chb1n] Add basic cinder-ceph charm amulet tests: DONE
[1chb1n] Add basic hacluster charm amulet tests: TODO
[1chb1n] Re-validate, enhance upgrade testing: INPROGRESS
[1chb1n] Re-work existing mongodb charm amulet tests per series/release: TODO
[1chb1n] Complete V/W amulet test coverage enablement: INPROGRESS
Automate J:K upgrade testing (mojo spec): DONE
Automate K:L upgrade testing (mojo spec): DONE
[1chb1n] Set up CI to deploy from source and run tempest: DONE
Automate PowerNV OpenStack testing for for Ubuntu > 14.04: TODO
[1chb1n] Prep uosci for Wily and Liberty: DONE
[1chb1n] Prep openstack-mojo-specs for Wily and Liberty: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-15.08:
Leader-election test automation: TODO
Juju actions test automation, dependent on amulet WIP features: TODO
Juju status test automation, dependent on amulet WIP features: TODO
[1chb1n] remove utopic amulet target from os-charms: TODO
[1chb1n] remove utopic mappings from uosci control file: DONE
[1chb1n] remove utopic image sync from serverstack and dellstack labs: TODO
UOSCI integration with charms hosted on github: TODO
[1chb1n] ipv6 uosci/serverstack environment enablement: TODO
[1chb1n] ipv6 keystone amulet test as PoC/validation: TODO

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