MAAS Next Steps

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MAAS has been in the archive for one release now and is established and stable. However, various are the planned features that are gonna need to be integrated for 12.10.

Ubuntu will support most of these mayor features and will adopt the upstream changes providing new upstream releases regularly.

Provide the latest stable MAAS release and support its features.

Blueprint information

Dave Walker
Ubuntu Server
Andres Rodriguez
Series goal:
Accepted for quantal
Beta Available
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-12.10-beta-2
Started by
Antonio Rosales
Completed by
James Page

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UDS Session Notes:

ARM Support
Support for different ARM flavours is complex
But a lot is shared with the desktop images, if not all
Sub-architecture support should be out of the scope
Minimum requirement is being able to netboot with pxelinux U-Boot emulation and full IPMI-based system management support.
MAAS requires that ARM servers have a baseline of system management support
IPMI necessary to ARM (no WoL) - but IPMI is planned for Q for all archs anyway.
Dropping/replacing Cobbler dependency
Fence agents
Commissioning Environment
Burn-in and hardware exploration tests: what tools?
     * bonnie
     * stress
     * iobench
     * checkbox does some of these already could utilize
      * checkbox should report back to MAAS, perhaps with an option to report to central checkbox server
     * autotest can run the tests remotely or locally, and also have a bunch of test cases already
     * facter (ruby) takes track of edge cases.
     * make sure that you collect enough data for use by juju
     * Investigate facter and alternatives
Faster install:
 * Use a SquashFS image
  * Keep in mind the complexity of a server regarding multiple nics multiple block storage devices.
Web app UI:
 - en masse actions
 - overview of the whole MAAS cluster
 - command line ui
Start node without Juju:

User Stories:

Frank has been using MAAS in 12.04, however, he now needs the new features in MAAS in 12.10, such as support of IPMI, ARM. By deploying 12.10, frank will easily transition from the older MAAS release and obtain the newer MAAS release with those new features.


 - Newer MAAS should provide a suitable transition path.
 - MAAS does not introduce any significant dependencies, but rather, they are being dropped.
 - Reverse-Depends on older MAAS will be transitioned to newer maas.

Test Plan:

1) Upgrades
Installed Ubuntu 12.04 with MAAS; upgrade to Ubuntu 12.10; MAAS is replaced with its newer upstream release and the web application, configuration, and provisioning are transitioned to the new package locations.

2) Fresh install
We will continue to be able to deploy a MAAS server from the CD, and provide automated ISO testing.


Work Items

Work items:
[andreserl] MIR celery: DONE
[andreserl] MIR libjs-yui3: DONE
[andreserl] MIR libjs-raphael: DONE
[andreserl] package python-tx-tftp: DONE
Enable test-suite in packaging: POSTPONED
maas-enlist - do not die if MAAS is invalid (LP: #973414): TODO
complete documentation and manpages (LP: #975454): TODO
[andreserl] update libjs-yui to latest and drop them from trunk: DONE
[andreserl] update libjs-raphael to latest and drop them from trunk: DONE
[andreserl] IPMI support: DONE
Support for other power management devices: POSTPONED
[rbasak] ARM support: DONE
Use squashfs image for PXE installations (and ubuntu server CD install): DONE
Dropping/replacing cobbler (maas-provision): DONE
[smoser] package read-only root fs (ephemeral disk) initramfs tools (overlayroot): DONE

Dependency tree

* Blueprints in grey have been implemented.