Ubuntu Cloud Images Roundtable

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Continuous improvement of Ubuntu Cloud images.

Implement feedback to improve Ubuntu Cloud experience. Specifically, build rescue EBS snapshots, disable boot time out, show latest images on cloud.ubuntu.com/ami, add links to cloud-images.ubuntu.com, and create full disk image for Lucid.

Blueprint information

Antonio Rosales
Ubuntu Server
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Accepted for quantal
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milestone icon ubuntu-12.10-beta-1
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Antonio Rosales
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Antonio Rosales

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Etherpad: http://pad.ubuntu.com/uds-q-servercloud-q-cloud-images
Blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/servercloud-q-cloud-images

Note, related blueprint (cloud-init, cloud-utils) at

General Cloud Image improvements.
Discussion of improvement and enhancements to the Cloud Images and Cloud-Init
1. Publication of EBS Rescue volumes
2. Improving methods for users to find official EC2 AMI ids
    Places that Ubuntu AMIs are listed currently:
     - http://cloud.ubuntu.com/ami
           Action: Default should show the latest, EBS boot, 64-bit, us-east-1
             with easy "Launch" button to start AWS console
           Action: Check-box interface/Work on UI
           Action: Add link to cloud-images.ubuntu.com
 - http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/
           Action: Add launch button
           Action: Link from other AMI listings to preferred start page
           Action: Add links Quickstarts

 Make it easier for people to find the official AMI's
 3. Full disk images (-disk1.img) for older releases (at least 10.04).
 4. Disable the 5 second grub menu, by default. It was really only necessary to
    change the command line options, but now with the easy nocloud from ISO, I think
    we should shave the 5 seconds off boot.


User Stories:
Thomas has encountered an issue deploying Ubuntu Cloud images and can access a rescue snapshot via the Elastic Block Store volume to take advantage of a SSH shell to help debug the issue.

Leah would like to speed up the boot process and can take advantage of nocloud from ISO, and thus would like to disable the 5 second boot time-out default in the grub menu.

Luke is looking for official Ubuntu AMIs and can easily find and launch the lasest from cloud.ubuntu.com/ami

Rachel is a Lucid Ubuntu Cloud user and take advantage of a full disk image.


Test Plans:
Deploy EBS rescue volume and utilize ssh to access a defunct cloud image.

Deploy default latest cloud image and confirm grub does not have a 5 second time out.

Get user feedback on easily finding the latest AMI on cloud.ubuntu.com/ami and being easily able to launch it.

Release Notes:
When work is complete add information pertaining to Lucid full disk images, rescue EBS shots, and improvements to cloud.ubuntu.com.

[21-Sep-2012: a.rosales] As 3/5 of the work items are implemented, and there is no single overarching deliverable for this blueprint I am marking the "implementation" status as "implemented." We will need to carry forward:
  * Build Rescue EBS Snapshots
  * Work with IS to show only the latest images on cloud.ubuntu.com/ami


Work Items

Work items:
[darkmuggle-deactivatedaccount] Build Rescue EBS Snapshots: POSTPONED
[darkmuggle-deactivatedaccount] Disable 5 second boot time out on images: DONE
[darkmuggle-deactivatedaccount] Work with IS to show only the latest images on cloud.ubuntu.com/ami: POSTPONED
[darkmuggle-deactivatedaccount] Add links to cloud-images.ubuntu.com:: DONE
[darkmuggle-deactivatedaccount] Create full disk images for Lucid: DONE

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