Ensure integration with drizzle for Ubuntu

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Drizzle is a lighter weight, more flexible fork of MySQL. They are planning a stable release in February, and will definitely be included in the Natty release. Many MySQL based projects will be able to use drizzle with very little if any modification. Drizzle's replication model is also quite a bit more flexible and enabled currently via rabbitmq (though that is pluggable). We should ensure that this works in Natty as well as mysql replication, if not better.

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Robbie Williamson
Clint Byrum
Clint Byrum
Series goal:
Accepted for natty
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-11.04-beta-1
Started by
Clint Byrum
Completed by
Clint Byrum

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Work Items for natty-alpha-3:
Add authorization support to auth_file plugin: DONE

Work Items for natty-beta-1:
Create CLI CRUD management tool for auth_file plugin: POSTPONED
[mordred] Add SSL back into MySQL protocol plugin (was thought to be low hanging, but is not): POSTPONED

Work Items:
Configure and test drizzle auth_pam plugin on Ubuntu - resulted in reporting bug #739778 and bug #739837: DONE
Configure and test drizzle auth_file plugin on Ubuntu: DONE
Test current wordpress package on drizzle unmodified - does not work to configure database, needs wordpress-drizzle plugin: DONE
Create or import (from previous efforts inside drizzle community) drizzle schema for wordpress( http://launchpad.net/wordpress-drizzle ): DONE
Create wordpress-drizzle package to pre-configure wordpress with drizzle schema (see bug #746142): DONE
Modify wordpress package to recommend drizzle-server as an alternative to mysql-server (lets do this in 11.10, still too soon): POSTPONED

Things to look at:
- upstart integration
 upstart job file written -- clint needs to commit
- DBUS protocol integration
  - Server admin/config
  - Desktop DB provisioning
  - Use of Drizzle as a system db?
   - Useful for Akonadi apps?
- MySQL/Drizzle protocol situation
 * Drizzle protocol still at spec
 * MySQL is the default protocol
  * Re-add support for SSL
  * On both ports..... (3306 + 4427)

- HandlerSocket
- Authentication Plugins - PAM, LDAP, File
 * SSL code removed from mysql protocol, needed for security of PAM auth (upstream)
 * GRANT's Removed - Authorization plugins can be written.
  - Simple auth -- username <-> schemaname restriction
  - LDAP plugin supports full auth
 * auth_file needs Authorization support
  - management tool
 * Multi-tenancy plugin creates a sandbox per IPv6 endpoint -- PLANNED NOT IMPLEMENTED
* Objective: drizzle as 'Recommends' alongside MySQL

 * Add SSL capability back to mysql protocol (upstream: mtaylor?)
 * Add Authorization to auth_file plugin
 * Build tool for managing auth_file plugin
 * Drizzle-ize wordpress
 * Create wordpress-drizzle package


Work Items

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