Quantal Release Schedule Review and Interlocks

Registered by Kate Stewart

Review of Quantal schedule and Interlock schedule to 12.04.1 needs.

Primary page is:

Need to synch with:
    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule (for 12.04.1)

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Kate Stewart
Ubuntu Release Team
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Accepted for quantal
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-12.10-beta-1
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Kate Stewart
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Kate Stewart

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Purpose here is to review the schedule, and look out for problems/concerns in cycle,
then make sure we have adquate coverage for QA and Certification testing.

[kate.stewart] Need to get QA [gema,jibel], Certification[ara,brendand], and SRU schedules [bjf] overlayed onto interlock schedule with release.

Revised SRU process [adconrad] may need to be integrated?

Specific planning for 12.04.1 is happening in

* Docs Freeze needs to be moved earlier to allow more time for translations
  - When will the final language pack be generated? Tuesday morning/evening? (the language pack is not an issue, the reason why the freeze is later is to give more time to documenters - from the translations side, I'd be all up for having the freeze earlier [dpm])

12.04.1 --> move to week of FeatureFreeze (Aug 23)
When enable 12.04.1 daily images? switch to continuous. Get daily tested.
not interlock with with cron job needs to be reviewed/revamped to different build pipeline.
unify build pipelines.

Merge translation deadlines for 12.10. Use latest one. WIKI page updates will need to happen.

Final Freeze for 12.04.1 should only be one week long the minimze SRU/main archive disruption

August 9 kernel will be the one used for 12.04.1 Need to have desktop frozen before this, introduce Desktop stack freeze on August 2.

GNOME 3.6.1 will be SRUed, released three days before final Quantal release
KDE 4.9.1 - final is Oct 2 - will go in, 4.9.2 ?

ARM v8 spinning up - technical preview? Want to make sure buildds drain in time. may not go into archive though.

Wallpapers were landing too late. Must be in by UI freeze, and move to Septermber 13.

Python 3.3 - landing late. making porting to python 3 easier. (August 25) - when is go/no go? July 20th. If beta 1 is not out by then, stick with python 3.2.

From later cert testing meeting, full cert testing run is being requested for Beta1 (ara, ogasawara)


Work Items

Work items:
[kate.stewart] update interlock with results from today's discussion, and master schedules. : DONE
[ara] add in official cert, and smoke test in column (and basically any cert information that is missing): DONE
[fboudra] add linaro events to interlock: DONE
[kate.stewart] add column for community calls for tests: DONE
[nskaggs] review/edit planned community testing calls: DONE
[cjwatson] cron job updates for 12.04.1 dailies and testing.: DONE
[jibel] update automated testing jobs to continuously test 12.04.x images in parallel of 12.10: DONE
[dpm] update automatic exports to synch up with 12.04.1: TODO
[dpm] work with skaet to get clean up translation deadline.: DONE
[dpm] update the TranslationsDeadline page in line with the newly merged deadline (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TranslationDeadline): DONE
[kate.stewart] rename of the merged translation deadline in the schedule be set to 'TranslationsDeadline' : DONE
[pitti] add in community key events schedule. GNOME, KDE, LibreOffice.: DONE
[rsalveti] synch with kate.stewart after connect.: DONE

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