Planning session for the 12.04.1 point release

Registered by Steve Langasek

Session to discuss how the virtual team working on the 12.04.1 point release will organize their work

Blueprint information

Steve Langasek
Stéphane Graber
Ubuntu Release Team
Series goal:
Accepted for quantal
Milestone target:
milestone icon quantal-alpha-3
Started by
Kate Stewart
Completed by
Kate Stewart

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Meeting notes:

Draft 12.04.1 schedule is at: is where some of the date changes were discussed.
Formal schedule will be updated:

12.04.1 team - Foundations: Stéphane,
                      Desktop: seb128
                      Server: ??
                      L3 team participation: stokachu, arges
                      Platform Enablement: NCommander

What does process need to be for this.
   - Fix in Quantal first, then get it in 12.04.1 SRU.
   - Liberal in what we fix in LTS. (need to obeying freezes (UI, Features))
   - If either uploads a fix, other tests. Response from community may occur.
   - Testing is the bottleneck in getting things into -updates.

   ? can we get autoregression going on 12.04.1 dailies? - yes want to, may be hardware capacity issues.
   ? going through release notes, to fix important one?
   ? how are we handling flavors?
      - Mythbuntu - is going to need foundations help. bug #992241

== For Discussion ==
- Update robustness - default to default path
  - Lucid -> Precise,
  - Oneiric -> Precise,
  - armel->armhf has no proper upgrade path, add a note to u-m that people should reinstall when wanting this transition.
- Are there key bugs we want to target to get fixed? (convention to use in flux, will likely get them on a report. ok to use rls-p-tracking until other things roll out?).
- What other milestones/events to we want to use on the Point release?
- QA and Certification work.
- dedicated QA resource: jibel (for now, more resources to come to the team this may change) + backup TBD
- dedicated engineering resources: seb128, stgraber, someone-from-server?
- Want to keep the upgrade testing going throughout. If an issue for time wise, day stagger but keep them going.
- Multiarch Lucid to precise?
- Flash, skype, wine - are key applications to target. enable in the lucid->precise and oneiric->precise upgrade tests; skype requires adding partner
- Defaults: Evolution -> Thunderbird - need special testing. Possibly additional documentation.
- X: .1 only fixes.
- bugs targeted to .1:

== Sources of candidate bugs ==
bugs targeted to .1 *or* to -updates:
Scrub for bugs to find: - crash database bugs targetted, and number of duplicates on regular bugs, should be nominations.
 looking at top crash reports:
  the matching bugs need to be targeted to the milestone.
Missing multi-arch support - requires exhaustive test rebuild coverage as a condition of SRU acceptance.
 July release team meeting - make sure that we focus on 12.04.1 candidate fixes.

== Timeline ==
 * anything for inclusion in .1 must be accepted into -proposed by August 7, and must be verified by August 16th for promotion and inclusion on candidate CD images
 * August 2nd deadline for the unity-stack desktop SRU

2012/05/22 - KES - have added timeline into QuantalQuetzel/ReleaseInterlock and PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule pages.


Work Items

Work items:
[cjwatson] enable precise daily builds, to be kept running through .4 if possible, and solve any disk space / load issues (might cause timing problems on arm builders where dailies for quantal build too): DONE
[jibel] Setup installation automated smoketesting for Precise (jobs will start automatically when builds are available on cdimage.u.c): DONE
[jibel] need to figure what need to do about disk space when quantal start, so keeping auto regression. - RAID array will be rearranged to maximize device space, 3 slots are also available to add more disks to the array: DONE
[larry-e-works] rearrange raid array and add more disks on wazn and aldebaran (~100GB additional space required): TODO
[jibel] upgrade testing from lucid to precise: DONE
[jibel] upgrade testing from oneiric to precise: DONE
[brian-murray] create report of top duplicates coming in from 12.04 - to consider for release: DONE
[stgraber] 1: review release-noted bugs for candidates: DONE
[seb128] 2: review release-noted bugs for candidates: DONE
[ogra] patch update-manager in oneiric-updates to show a note about armel/armhf transition: TODO
[kate.stewart] update schedule wiki pages with dates from above: DONE
[kate.stewart] update LTS point release process pages with flow decided above: DONE
[stgraber] Schedule regular (weekly/fortnightly) meeting for these involved with 12.04.1 (engineering + release manager + L3): DONE

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