Planning session for the 12.04.1 point release

Registered by Steve Langasek on 2012-05-04

Session to discuss how the virtual team working on the 12.04.1 point release will organize their work

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Steve Langasek
Stéphane Graber
Ubuntu Release Team
Series goal:
Accepted for quantal
Milestone target:
milestone icon quantal-alpha-3
Started by
Kate Stewart
Completed by
Kate Stewart

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Meeting notes:

Draft 12.04.1 schedule is at: is where some of the date changes were discussed.
Formal schedule will be updated:

12.04.1 team - Foundations: Stéphane,
                      Desktop: seb128
                      Server: ??
                      L3 team participation: stokachu, arges
                      Platform Enablement: NCommander

What does process need to be for this.
   - Fix in Quantal first, then get it in 12.04.1 SRU.
   - Liberal in what we fix in LTS. (need to obeying freezes (UI, Features))
   - If either uploads a fix, other tests. Response from community may occur.
   - Testing is the bottleneck in getting things into -updates.

   ? can we get autoregression going on 12.04.1 dailies? - yes want to, may be hardware capacity issues.
   ? going through release notes, to fix important one?
   ? how are we handling flavors?
      - Mythbuntu - is going to need foundations help. bug #992241

== For Discussion ==
- Update robustness - default to default path
  - Lucid -> Precise,
  - Oneiric -> Precise,
  - armel->armhf has no proper upgrade path, add a note to u-m that people should reinstall when wanting this transition.
- Are there key bugs we want to target to get fixed? (convention to use in flux, will likely get them on a report. ok to use rls-p-tracking until other things roll out?).
- What other milestones/events to we want to use on the Point release?
- QA and Certification work.
- dedicated QA resource: jibel (for now, more resources to come to the team this may change) + backup TBD
- dedicated engineering resources: seb128, stgraber, someone-from-server?
- Want to keep the upgrade testing going throughout. If an issue for time wise, day stagger but keep them going.
- Multiarch Lucid to precise?
- Flash, skype, wine - are key applications to target. enable in the lucid->precise and oneiric->precise upgrade tests; skype requires adding partner
- Defaults: Evolution -> Thunderbird - need special testing. Possibly additional documentation.
- X: .1 only fixes.
- bugs targeted to .1:

== Sources of candidate bugs ==
bugs targeted to .1 *or* to -updates:
Scrub for bugs to find: - crash database bugs targetted, and number of duplicates on regular bugs, should be nominations.
 looking at top crash reports:
  the matching bugs need to be targeted to the milestone.
Missing multi-arch support - requires exhaustive test rebuild coverage as a condition of SRU acceptance.
 July release team meeting - make sure that we focus on 12.04.1 candidate fixes.

== Timeline ==
 * anything for inclusion in .1 must be accepted into -proposed by August 7, and must be verified by August 16th for promotion and inclusion on candidate CD images
 * August 2nd deadline for the unity-stack desktop SRU

2012/05/22 - KES - have added timeline into QuantalQuetzel/ReleaseInterlock and PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule pages.


Work Items

Work items:
[cjwatson] enable precise daily builds, to be kept running through .4 if possible, and solve any disk space / load issues (might cause timing problems on arm builders where dailies for quantal build too): DONE
[jibel] Setup installation automated smoketesting for Precise (jobs will start automatically when builds are available on cdimage.u.c): DONE
[jibel] need to figure what need to do about disk space when quantal start, so keeping auto regression. - RAID array will be rearranged to maximize device space, 3 slots are also available to add more disks to the array: DONE
[larry-e-works] rearrange raid array and add more disks on wazn and aldebaran (~100GB additional space required): TODO
[jibel] upgrade testing from lucid to precise: DONE
[jibel] upgrade testing from oneiric to precise: DONE
[brian-murray] create report of top duplicates coming in from 12.04 - to consider for release: DONE
[stgraber] 1: review release-noted bugs for candidates: DONE
[seb128] 2: review release-noted bugs for candidates: DONE
[ogra] patch update-manager in oneiric-updates to show a note about armel/armhf transition: TODO
[kate.stewart] update schedule wiki pages with dates from above: DONE
[kate.stewart] update LTS point release process pages with flow decided above: DONE
[stgraber] Schedule regular (weekly/fortnightly) meeting for these involved with 12.04.1 (engineering + release manager + L3): DONE

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