Improve the users experience on Lubuntu

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Discuss improvement for users experience, what can be done (default applications, patches, ideas ...)

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Work items:
[gilir] Switch to lightdm (seed and default-settings) : DONE
[gilir] ITP lightdm greeter : POSTPONED
[gilir] ITP lubuntu-software-center (most of the work is done in upstream branch) : DONE
[gilir] lxsession : Add basic replacement for current autostarted application in autostart conf file: POSTPONED
[gilir] lxsession : Add ability to configure screen resolution with external tools : POSTPONED
[gilir] lxsession : Add ability to configure keymap + autostart feature + lightdm integration : POSTPONED
[gilir] lxpanel : Add sound mixer when clicking on sound applet: DONE
[jmarsden] ITP Viewnior (see also Debian one : POSTPONED
Switch Viewnior as the default application for image (default-settings): POSTPONED
[gilir] New artwork package, not installed by default, but including all themes : DONE
[gilir] Evaluate adding a shortcut to desktop for application (see patch from Leszek) : DONE
[gilir] Finish the possibility to customize Chromium (patch source + JSOn preference, see bug 570812) : POSTPONED
Power Management in the menu : DONE
Discuss adding catfish to the seed : POSTPONED

Notes during the session :
- Lightdm enable by default for Alpha 1
- Multi-screen configuration : not easy to configure with lxrandr. Solution : Extend lxsession to accept configuration from other utility like arandr
- Lxsession options / services : Add possibility to configure applications by default, and to enable them or not (screensaver, power-management ...)
- lubuntu-software-center : Add by default, but keep synaptic.

Feedbacks from forum :

Blueprint :

Other items :
ITP LXScreenshot (most of the work is done in upstream branch) : TODO
DIscuss virtual keyboard (xvkbd ?): TODO
Fix definitely the screensaver problem with gnome-mplayer
Add a one-place for default applications (see , services on lxsession, and (xdg-open, xdg-emails ...))
Reach 100 % string available for translation
screensaver by default ? => Disable by services, needed for lock screen (use build-in lxsession facility?)
Documentation improvement : Where are config files for various stuff (keybindings, applications by default)
Trash on the desktop, with right-click to empty it.


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