Maverick Spring Cleaning

Registered by Duncan McGreggor

Right after an LTS release is a good time for an aggressive cleanup of things we don't need or that should be extensively refactored.

Blueprint information

Robbie Williamson
Colin Watson
Needs approval
Colin Watson
Series goal:
Accepted for maverick
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-10.10-beta
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Colin Watson

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Work items:
Review lucid-duplicated-packages and complete where necessary: TODO
[cjwatson] Merge dpkg and drop lzma from base system: DONE
[cjwatson] Add data.tar.xz support to Launchpad: DONE
Convert all packages using -Zlzma to use -Zxz instead: TODO
libjpeg8 transition (postponed in Debian, so it would not be economic to spend time on it in Ubuntu; see POSTPONED
Remove klibc from initramfs: TODO
[cjwatson] Install tasksel and aptitude dynamically: DONE
[cjwatson] Investigate gnupg's recommendation of libldap-2.4-2: DONE
Discuss ftp/lftp duplication on ubuntu-devel: TODO
[cjwatson] Discuss command-not-found in standard on ubuntu-devel (outcome: leave as-is): DONE
Investigate whether libdns can load libgeoip dynamically (filed bug 618935): DONE
[cjwatson] Discuss iputils-arping in standard on ubuntu-devel (outcome: move to server-ship): DONE
[cjwatson] Investigate iputils-tracepath/mtr-tiny duplication (almost certainly not worth the effort of arranging for the union of their features in a single tool, given that the total .deb size consumed by both is only 66KB): DONE
[cjwatson] Investigate whether language-selector-common can usefully be installed dynamically: TODO
Investigate apparmor-utils -> libwww-perl dependency chain (filed bug 618928): DONE
[cjwatson] Stop explicitly seeding bogofilter in desktop-common: DONE
Drop cdparanoia from desktop-common: DONE
Stop explicitly seeding dvd+rw-tools and wodim in desktop-common: DONE
[vorlon] Drop acpi-support from desktop-common, or else remove its dependency on finger: DONE
Discuss maintenance of list of printing packages with till-kamppeter: TODO
[cjwatson] Investigate whether libgl1-mesa-* still need to be seeded directly: DONE
Investigate whether libpango can load libthai dynamically: TODO
Investigate libhpmud -> libsnmp -> libsensors -> lm-sensors dependency chain: TODO
Investigate porting foo2zjs to a more common widget set: TODO
Investigate possibility of replacing bzip2 with pbzip2 (bug 550507): TODO
[cjwatson] Assemble use cases for availability of unpacked source: POSTPONED
[persia] Verify availability of storage for persistent lintian lab: DONE
[persia] Complete preparation of automatic lintian runs against the archive: TODO
[persia] Announce availability of lintian results: TODO
[cjwatson] Investigate whether we can run for Ubuntu (blocked on opengrok packaging; see BLOCKED


Work Items