Quickly 11.10 Enhancements

Registered by Michael Terry

This blueprint has been superseded. See the newer blueprint "Quickly 12.04 Enhancements" for updated plans.

There's more work we can do to make Quickly better and keep pace with the platform.

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Didier Roche-Tolomelli
Michael Terry
Needs approval
Michael Terry
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Proposed for oneiric
Slow progress
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Started by
Michael Terry
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Michael Terry

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See https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-p-quickly for latest status!

Work items:
[sinzui] Finish LP work to allow pushing a gpg key: TODO
[sinzui] Finish LP work to allow pushing an ssh key: TODO
[sinzui] Finish LP work to allow signing CoC: TODO
[sinzui] Finish LP work to allow creating a PPA (API in testing now): TODO
[sinzui] Port gdp (gedit developer plugins) to libpeas: DONE
[mterry] Activate gdp python completion plugin on-the-fly once it's ported to libpeas: TODO
[rick-rickspencer3] Port Rick's ctags plugin to libpeas: TODO
[mterry] Activate Rick's ctags plugin on-the-fly once it's ported to libpeas: BLOCKED
[rick-rickspencer3] Create a code navigation menu plugin for Gedit: TODO
[didrocks] Remove postfix from dependencies: DONE
[doctormo] Make the needed tweaking for Ground Control to know about launchpad and other integration: TODO
[mterry] Support Quickly pushing a gpg key: BLOCKED
[mterry] Support Quickly pushing a ssh key: BLOCKED
[mterry] Integrate CoC signing into Quickly: BLOCKED
[mterry] Integrate PPA creation into Quickly: BLOCKED
[rick-rickspencer3] Status if Quickly should always install in /opt and if what should do the submitubuntu command: TODO
[didrocks] Work with dh_python2 to support /opt installs: TODO
[didrocks] finish /opt work regarding the decisions above: TODO
[didrocks] Stamp version from which your project was created (or rather, which feature set/gtk2/gtk3): TODO
[xdatap1] Qt Quick template: INPROGRESS
[xdatap1] Documentation review: TODO
[xdatap1] Translation string review: DONE
[xdatap1] Show us presentation slides from Italian Loco: DONE
[didrocks] Hide "quickly upgrade" command: TODO
[lallenlowe] (and 3v1n0) Look into and work on Vala templates for applications: TODO
[3v1n0] Look into and work on Vala templates for libraries: TODO
[mterry] Confirm nautilus plugin works (merge filed, see below): DONE
[mterry] Create milestone in LP then use "quickly release" to see what breaks (filed bug 848168): DONE
[mterry] Port project roots to Python 3: TODO
[mterry] Port project roots to PyGI: INPROGRESS
[mterry] Port project roots to GTK+ 3: INPROGRESS

pitti, 2011-05-23: Move LP work earlier, as it's blocking client-side development.

mterry, 2011-07-06: Nautilus plugin doesn't work as is. Needs https://code.launchpad.net/~quickly-committers/quickly/nautilus-bar-updates/+merge/67070 to get it to a runnable state. But my recommendation is to stop shipping it in the Ubuntu packaging until (A) it's more mature or (B) ground control catches up and provides similar functionality so we can drop it.

pitti, 2011-08-11: Moving to p series.


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