Quickly 12.04 Enhancements

Registered by Michael Terry

There's more work we can do to make Quickly better and keep pace with the platform.

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Didier Roche
Michael Terry
Michael Terry
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Accepted for precise
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milestone icon ubuntu-12.04
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Michael Terry
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Michael Terry

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Work items for precise-alpha-2:
Port projects to PyGI: DONE
Port projects to GTK+ 3: DONE
Point old template users to wiki page about how to upgrade their project: DONE
Add upgrade-to-new-stuff command (overloaded existing upgrade command): DONE
[barry] Investigate py2to3 helper for quickly projects: POSTPONED

Work items:
Port projects to Python 3 (blocked on distutils-extra's python-mkdebian not supporting it): POSTPONED
Port quickly itself to Python 3 (blocked on dependencies like launchpadlib): POSTPONED
Add a link to developer.ubuntu.com in the shipped tutorial: DONE
Talk to stephane about whether we still need /opt support (yup, we do): DONE
Investigate whether we can get XID or not from PyGI, how it affects XID, gstreamer (no problem: get_xid()): DONE
[didrocks] Add DBus mainloop to template if necessary: DONE
[jml] Have QA run unit tests daily: POSTPONED
[jml] Add more tests: POSTPONED
[dpm] Update Quickly tutorial pictures on dev.u.c: POSTPONED
[didrocks] Review Qt Quick template for acceptance: DONE
[nebulon] Review Qt Quick template for sensibleness/completeness: POSTPONED
[didrocks] Add that lens template to Quickly: DONE
[rick-rickspencer3] Review code for stuff we can drop (maybe logging, maybe some of the stuff users can add): POSTPONED
[rick-rickspencer3] Write a tutorial for dev.u.c about adding pygame to normal ubuntu-application template (and maybe add some widgets to quickly widgets as needed): POSTPONED

2011-12-06, mterry: Dropped porting quickly itself to PyGI/GTK3, since it doesn't use them

2012-02-21, didrocks: the dbus mainloop isn't necessary in the ubuntu-cli template, we can put it in a "daemon" template if something is needed someday (or in the quickly store)


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