Provide UNR session for desktop

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Provide an easy way to add a session type that runs the UNR components, so that desktop users can use the UNR UI on their desktops if desired. This should work similar to the already existing stracciatella session.

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Martin Pitt
Didier Roche-Tolomelli
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Didier Roche-Tolomelli
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Accepted for lucid
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milestone icon lucid-alpha-3
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Martin Pitt
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Martin Pitt

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Work items:
Investigate on gconfd path regarding selected session and add it to gconf2 package: DONE
Add a /etc/gdm/custom.conf configuration file to GDM, needed to seed with a default configuration: DONE
Add new une-session.desktop file to ubuntu-netbook-remix-default-settings: DONE
Move gconfd setting path in ubuntu-netbook-remix-default-settings to comply with previous gconfd path work: DONE
Launch maximus and netbook launcher on UNE session only: DONE
Hide capplet panel choosing the window manager if mutter is running: DONE
Add gdmsetup setting to change the default session: DONE
Audit packages/modules related to runtime parts of the UNE session that may be impacted by installed packages: DONE
Check UNE installation on desktop doesn't mess up ubuntu-desktop experience: DONE
Detect 3D acceleration not available and end with a dialog telling you so: DONE


pitti, 2009-11-30:
 * Please remove the UDS notes below, if/once they are completely integrated into the spec.
 * gconf path: Parsing Xsession.d/* for environment variables doesn't sound efficient, robust, and even if it would work. Can't desktop-une instead install an additional tree like the already existing ones in /var/lib/gconf/ ? Alternatively, add it to gconf proper, so it will be inert when une is not installed.
 * Please settle for one package name (desktop-une-session vs. une-session)
 * Please add work items

dbarth, 2009-12-03:
 * the GL test should be triggered, as efficiently as possible, in one of the session setup scripts. We can also do it in netbook-launcher, but the window manager may already have given up by the time we're started. One trick may be to have a command line option in netbook-launcher, to just do the test, and then stop. The trick here is that the launcher would already be pre-loaded and the second invocation (in the session, this time for real) should be accelerated by this initial run
 * for the test plan, i think the key scenario is:
  - log into a desktop session, add a funky applet on the panel
  - log into the UNE session, check that 'Applications, Places, etc.' are *not* displayed, the proper applets are loaded, and funky applet is not
  - log back into the desktop session and check that 'Applications, Places, etc.' *are* correctly displayed, and funky applet *is* too

JamieBennett, 2010-01-08:
* As part of the mobile team need to launch a specific instance of netbook-launcher(-efl) depending on the availability of 3D acceleration on our ARM based platforms. We require that after the availability of acceleration is determined, either the 3D Clutter based netbook-launcher is used or the 2D netbook-launcher-efl is used if no hardware is available.

It was discussed that a possible check for 3D acceleration could be to execute glxinfo | grep 'renderer string'.


Work Items