Add a 2D launcher option for UNR

Registered by Jamie Bennett

It is desirable to have a netbook launcher that runs well on platforms that do not have accelerated OpenGL drivers for X. This blueprint attempts to detail the specifics of a 2D netbook launcher for use on these platforms.

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David Mandala
Jamie Bennett
Jamie Bennett
Series goal:
Accepted for lucid
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milestone icon lucid-alpha-3
Started by
Jamie Bennett
Completed by
Alexander Sack


[JamieBennett 10-02-03]: Assigning the 2D/3D discovery process to the DX team.

[asac 24-11-09]: add more details about what capabilities to probe for to the code changes section OR add a work item about documenting this (if you think that this should be done as part of implementation) - done, work item added (jamie)
[asac 24-11-09]: please add work items to whiteboard - done (jamie)
[asac 29-11-09]: 2D launcher is essential as its the base for the arm/mobile UNE experience.
[asac 17-02-09]: well done everyone on this one. all work items killed it seems - we even have 3d if available!

Work items lucid-alpha-2:
[oem-solutions-group] deliver latest code drop to mobile team: DONE
Make the private launch-lite project public: DONE
Discover and document packages that will need to be packaged for Lucid: DONE
Discover and document existing packages that will need to be promoted from universe: DONE
Discover and document existing packages in main that will need to be upgraded: DONE
Create packages and get through NEW: DONE
Create MIR's for packages that need to be promoted including security and code reviews: DONE
Setup seeds: DONE

Work items lucid-alpha-3:
[didrocks] Evaluated best mechanism to support 2d/3d install time selection: DONE
[didrocks] Implement discovery method: DONE

Implemented. arm ships UNE images with 2d launcher now


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