Packaging Guide plans for R

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We should discuss our plans for the Packaging Guide for the R cycle. The most important topic is going to be to merge the old and the new Packaging Guide.

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Daniel Holbach
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Trello board reviewing migration of old wiki-based packaging guide:

I've gone through just about everything listed on the trello board. With the exception of a few things which have bugs already filed, most of the remaining un-merged docs I feel could be just dropped. There are 29 cards in the "unchecked" column of the trello board. "Un-merged" might be a better title. I've actually looked at them, and I don't think there is anything that would be missed. Do we really need to discuse desktop files and POD based manpages? It's usefull info, but a large part of this exercise has been to streamline the guide. I think that there needs to be an opionated decicision to just finally kill the wiki-based packaging guide. Proposal below-- andrewsomething

1) Send a last-call anouncement to ubuntu-devel requesting bug reports about any missing material. Announce steps 2 and 3 will take place after a length of time decided in this session (two-weeks, one month?).
2) Move the entire PackagingGuide wiki namespace enmass to something like PackagingGuideDeprecated
3) Redirect to
4) After a length of time decided in this session (6 months, one year?) delete PackagingGuideDeprecated


Work Items

Work items:
[andrewsomething] write announcement: DONE
[andrewsomething] wiki move: DONE
[dholbach] get Spanish translated packages uploaded, do backport, put on developer.u.c: DONE
[quintasan] get Polish translation done: TODO
[jonathan] extend "submitting new packages for inclusion" section: TODO
[dholbach] handle bug 890580: DONE
[josephjamesmills] handle bug 890580: DONE
[jonathan] handle bug 890580: DONE
[tiagohillebrandt] finish Brazilian Portuguese translations: TODO
[josephjamesmills] take out the $ (LP#996721): TODO
[barry] triage and redefine importance of them: DONE