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UDS-Q: Debian health check session

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Blueprint for the P cycle:

The room is chilly!

DDs need some sort of integration in Launchpad
ARB has been getting FOSS packages pushed into Debian rather than get them included in Ubuntu and increasing delta.
Working out really well, except for long wait times for getting into Debian.
Lack of DDs in ARB is a concern right now.
Way too many places to put packages
Ubuntu MOTU
Ubuntu ARB
Get more DDs in the ARB? contains a list of devs active on both Debian and Ubuntu.
Increase mentors in the ARB helpers team?
#Ubuntu-motu is a place for mentees to seek help
Packaging guide/sponsorship docs need to be updated to include info about ARB.
Upstart might become default in Debian
Upstart has many patches in Ubuntu, which need to be pushed to Debian
slangasek working on needed policy bits
Some issues about upstream proposing removal of the Ubuntu package, with the Debian maintainer opposing it.
Launchpad bug: #909488
GTK patches in Ubuntu
Many many patches in Ubuntu's GTK regarding Unity
Mostly regarding Multitouch, and GNOME is doing the same work on their side, just in a different way
Ubuntu uses Open Input Framework, GNOME most likely will not.
Depends on which way upstream GNOME decides to implement multitouch in GTK.
Patches not likely to go away for Quantal.
12.04 shipped with a highly patched cherry-picked GTK 3.4 because changes in upstream 3.4 would've made the LTS stack unstable
Debian bugs with patches need to be added to the RC bugs page (ajmitch has a WI for this).
This should help improve the current backlog of bugs w/patches. should list Debian RC bugs
Moving stuff from Ubuntu to Debian
Encourage more and more non-DDs to work on this
Don't need to be a DD in order to file removal requests in Debian
Help clean up the cruft.
Need more mergers to utilize that resource
Needs more info (which info?)
Find packages that are modified in ubuntu but have no bugs in Debian


Work Items

Work items:
[allison] Add cyphermox to ARB helpers: TODO
[allison] Document places to go for seeking help/sponsorship for ARB mentees getting packages in Debian: TODO
[bryce] : DD LP access: POSTPONED
[zack] : Talk to asheesh about the missing features from REVU: TODO
[stefanor] : Put a symbol next the DDs on the Debian & Ubuntu devs list: TODO
[ajmitch] Add debian bugs with patches to the RC bugs page: TODO
[ajmitch] Add page for debian RC bugs fixed in Ubuntu: TODO
[motu] (micahg) Show if Debian has a newer version than Ubuntu on the FTBFS page: TODO