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Registered by Didier Roche-Tolomelli

This blueprint has been superseded. See the newer blueprint "Quickly 11.10 Enhancements" for updated plans.

There is still lots to do to make Quickly better for core Ubuntu applications.

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Didier Roche-Tolomelli
Michael Terry
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Michael Terry
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Accepted for natty
Good progress
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milestone icon ubuntu-11.04-beta-1
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Michael Terry
Completed by
Michael Terry


Quickly needs a bit of work to complete its integration with Launchpad, appear more seemless, and work with the new App Review process.

Work items natty-alpha-1:
[mterry] Move boiler plate into base classes so that it's simple: DONE
[mterry] Add support for self.ui.label1: DONE
[mterry] Add support for 'for widget in self.ui': DONE
[mterry] Use introspection so you can write signal handlers without using Glade: DONE
[mterry] Drive merging of Tony's "quickly add preferences" branch: DONE
[didrocks] Work with python-central to support /opt installs: DONE
[didrocks] Switch quickly to use /opt installs with above support: DONE

Work items natty-alpha-2:
[sinzui] Port gdp (gedit developer plugins) to libpeas: POSTPONED
[mterry] Push gdp into universe: DONE
[mterry] Activate gdp python completion plugin on-the-fly once it's ported to libpeas: POSTPONED
[rick-rickspencer3] Port Rick's ctags plugin to libpeas: POSTPONED
[mterry] Activate Rick's ctags plugin on-the-fly once it's ported to libpeas: POSTPONED
[rick-rickspencer3] Get the exception for which files shouldn't be in /opt: DONE
[mterry] integrate extras.ubuntu.com custom metadata support to Quickly (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PostReleaseApps/Metadata for details): DONE

Work items:
[didrocks] Remove postfix from dependencies: POSTPONED
[didrocks] Work with dh_python2 to support /opt installs: POSTPONED
[doctormo] Make the needed tweaking for Ground Control to know about launchpad and other integration: POSTPONED
[rick-rickspencer3] Create a code navigation menu plugin for Gedit: POSTPONED
[rick-rickspencer3] Status if Quickly should always install in /opt and if what should do the submitubuntu command: POSTPONED
[mterry] Support Quickly pushing a gpg key: POSTPONED
[mterry] Support Quickly pushing a ssh key: POSTPONED
[mterry] Integrate CoC signing into Quickly: POSTPONED
[mterry] Integrate PPA creation into Quickly: POSTPONED
[mterry] open up eventual Ubuntu Developer Manual instead of existing tutorial: POSTPONED
[didrocks] finish /opt work regarding the decisions above: POSTPONED

work items (ubuntu-11.04):
[sinzui] Finish LP work to allow pushing a gpg key: POSTPONED
[sinzui] Finish LP work to allow pushing an ssh key: POSTPONED
[sinzui] Finish LP work to allow signing CoC: POSTPONED
[sinzui] Finish LP work to allow creating a PPA (API in testing now): POSTPONED

pitti, 2011-02-25: Moving to beta-1 (in blueprint milestone), too late for a3. This will most likely be moved to the o cycle.

pitti, 2011-03-22: Moving LP related work items to final, as they aren't bound by Ubuntu freezes

didrocks, 2011-02-25: postponing the two optional work items in dh_python and postfix dependency, it's either an opportunity for anyone wanting to do it otherwise, can wait next cycle


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