Package XBMC for the Ubuntu LEB

Registered by Ricardo Salveti

Work with the Ubuntu ARM team to enable the XBMC packages at the Ubuntu LEB. The support could first be enabled at Precise (Ubuntu) and then backported to Oneiric (LEBs).

This is to enable people to experiment using the ARM boards as a set-top-box product.

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Ricardo Salveti
Ricardo Salveti
Avik Sil
Series goal:
Accepted for 11.11
Milestone target:
milestone icon 11.12
Started by
Ricardo Salveti
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Ricardo Salveti

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[rsalveti, Nov 20, 2011] While BP can be a dependency for this one, the enablement can be done using software decode.
[hrw, 2011.11.21] Debian Multimedia has xbmc GIT daily builds for armel:
[rsalveti, Nov 27, 2011] We should build XBMC with gstreamer and OpenGLES support (for the interface). Rob Clark knows the branches that need to be used to have proper gstreamer support (support is still not enabled at upstream, need to maintain it as an additional patch set).
[aviksil, Dec 01, 2011] xbmc unstable ppa:
[aviksil, Dec 01, 2011] xbmc has build-dep on libcec-dev that is available in
[aviksil, Dec 09, 2011] Getting FTBFS for armel:
[rsalveti, Dec 12, 2011] Another important WI that we're missing here is to integrate the latest gstreamer/gles fixes and support from Rob at our xbmc package. Please create it and sync with Rob.
[rsalveti, Dec 21, 2011] Marking the one to help pushing to ubuntu as postponed, as we still need to do some work on XBMC to have it to build against all the archs.
[aviksil, Dec 21, 2011] Postponing daily build WI as there is VcsImport error for importing xbmc git tree as it has git modules that currently bzr is unable to handle:

Headline: XBMC packages are now available for Ubuntu LEB.
Acceptance: XBMC packages are built for armel and available at Overlay PPA.


Work Items

Work items:
Check if the current packaging provided by the team-xbmc PPA is in the proper shape for Ubuntu: DONE
Fix the needed packages to get a proper build for ARM: DONE
Push the packages at the Overlay PPA: DONE
Sync with Rob for integrating the latest gstreamer/gles fixes and support: DONE
Talk with the Ubuntu ARM team to help pushing the support at the Ubuntu archive (with revu?): POSTPONED
Check how hard would it be to enable daily builds (CI builds) at launchpad (bonus if able to get it working :-): POSTPONED

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