Enable the HW decode support at Panda with the Ubuntu LEBs

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TI finally provided all the needed packages to enable HW video decode support at https://launchpad.net/~tiomap-dev/+archive/release. This blueprint is basically to enable the same functionally by default at the lt-panda-x11-base hwpacks, with the ubuntu-desktop LEB image.

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Ricardo Salveti
Ricardo Salveti
Ricardo Salveti
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Ricardo Salveti
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Ricardo Salveti

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[rsalveti, Nov 20, 2011] Anmar, would be nice if the TI LT could also agree to work on getting this working for the next release.
[anmar, Nov 22, 2011] According to bug (#880840) progress, things are working although not perfectly. Expectation is that TI will respond to any performance issues since it is outside the scope and abilities of the LT.
[rsalveti, Nov 15, 2011] We're still blocked with bug 880840, that seems to only happen with the 3.1 series.
[dzin, Dec 21, 2011] Still blocked, moving to next cycle.
[rsalveti, Jan 5, 2012] All packages are available at the Overlay already, but unfortunately it's not that easy to simply integrate the packages at the hwpack without also grabbing tons of packages. Will put this on hold until I'm able to discuss and mabac and find a better solution.
[rsalveti, Jan 19, 2012] Syslink and ducati support is part of the hwpack, but to enable full hw decode support the user still needs to install the additional gst packages. At the XBMC image this is already installed by default (but the image is larger).

Headline: Pandaboard LT HWPack now supports hardware accelerated video decoding.

Acceptance: Hardware accelerated video decoding working with the 11.12 TI LT kernel release, packages integrated at the Overlay PPA (gstreamer, dce, ducati, etc), support enabled at the LT hwpack.


Work Items

Work items:
Sync with the TI LT and check if they are able to help testing and enabling the support at the tilt-linux-linaro-3.1 tree: DONE
Enable the TI PPA and make the hw decode working with the TILT kernel: DONE
Check if any of the changes at the gstreamer packages are intrusive to other hardwares: DONE
Copy the packages to the Overlay PPA: DONE
Enable the packages at the lt-panda-x11-base hwpack: DONE
Validate that the hw decode works out-of-the-box with the xbmc image and the lt-panda-x11-base hwpack: DONE

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