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With the support of the XMBC application (from, create a set-top box LEB image, that is starts the application automatically once the system is booted.

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Ricardo Salveti
Ricardo Salveti
Tom Gall
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Tom Gall
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David Zinman


Current hwpack for panda on oneiric (dated December 11 has no video out) bug 894073
Punted back to use beagle xm, unfortunately xbmc requires 24 video which our hw pack does not have.
[tom-gall] - using HDMI out am able to make progress. Next potential roadblock is use of newer live-build
[rsalveti, Dec 22, 2011] Not for 11.12, moving to 12.01.
[tom-gall] - live-build update is ticket 245, sync to snapshots ticket 246
[tom-gall, Jan 3, 2012] - ticket 245 complete, reminded is of ticket 246
[dzin, Jan 13, 2012] This looks to be implemented except for the announcement.
[rsalveti, Jan 15, 2012] Now it's finally working properly from first boot. Just missing the announcement.

Linaro now offers a new community supported reference image that provides set top box like capability. The image is called linaro-tv and is based on xbmc from The software is an "open source (GPL) software media player and entertainment hub for digital media. " Included with this packaging of xmbc are linaro optimizations for codecs.

Image boots into xbmc environment successfully on omap panda hardware. Video/audio is able to stream via the network and able to play to an acceptable level without stutter or pixelization on a limited number of codecs. (Codes with issues will be logged for future blueprint work). Streaming media will be based on what xbmc supports, potentially media available via


Work Items

Work items:
Identify what would be the useful set of packages to be pre-installed at the set-top box image: DONE
Create the live-build configuration bzr branch for the set-box image: DONE
Make sure the set-top box application is initialized automatically from the first boot: DONE
Create a build project for the set-top box image at offspring: DONE
Request IS to sync the new build project at offspring at DONE
[rsalveti] Fix XBMC session name for auto-login: DONE
[rsalveti] Add missing gstreamer packages by default: DONE
Announce the new image at linaro-dev: DONE

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