Bezier - Pencil - Paths - Shape - Width: varialble setting addition to Tool Controls Bar

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Currently the Pencil & Bezier Tools in
                       [Mode: Normal, Spiro, Lines]
                       [Shape:Triangle In/Out, Ellipse & Clipboard]
                       Have No WIDTH setting. default is no Stroke and FILL is set, leading the user to not be able to change the WIDTH of the SHAPE filter without having to OPEN another window

This request calls for the Tool Controls Bar to ADD a 'Child' WIDTH setting to the Tool Controls Bar when creating Paths WITH A SHAPE ASSIGNED TO THE PATH. This Child Setting would only be available if the USER invokes the SHAPE filter.

 This would increase the user friendliness of SHAPE BASED PATH creations. Eliminating the 'need' for the user having to select the Shaped path then entering the >Path >Path Effects Editor... Pattern Along Path effect Menu/Dialogue for this basic function.
  Again the point here is to make the Shape (Pattern along Path) easier to use, currently it is cumbersome to simply change the Shapes width.

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[asac] you have to prefix your spec name with $trackname-$team-... in order to get a track lead pick this up for scheduling. checkout for track names.

[2010-06-27 ~suv] Spiro paths do not have a width parameter at all, you can just use the normal stroke width setting to control its width - maybe 'Power stroke' [1] is more what you are looking for?

A new 'Width' dropdown or slider on the controls toolbar of the pen and pencil tool would only relate to the 'Shape' option (implemented with the path effect 'Pattern Along Path'), independently of using 'Spiro' mode or not.

[1] <>

[2010-06-28 ~suv] Blueprint has been updated to refer to adding the 'Pattern-Along-Path' width parameter to the pen/pencil controls bar (previous comment no longer applies).

Possibly related (with regard to usability of the shape option - relevant for 'From clipboard' as well as for the predefined triangle/ellipse shapes): Bug #518703 “Pattern Source for "Pattern Along Path" should automatically be visible, regardless of canvas zoom depth”. The feature request goes beyond adding a toolbar option but aims for the same ease-of-use (controlling size of the vector brush on-canvas) as the width parameter would offer for controlling the overall width.


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