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Sean McGinnis
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1 Danny Al-Gaaf, 1 Liucheng Jiang, 3 Michal Dulko, 2 Mitsuhiro Tanino, 1 Peter Wang, 1 Ryan Liang, 1 Ryan McNair, 1 Walt Boring, 1 wanghao, 1 wangxiyuan, 1 yixuan zhang
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1 blueprint and 13 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Online DB schema upgrade Online DB schema upgrade 4 High Michal Dulko  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1554329 #1554329 Miss volumes table definition when migrating DB to 67 2 Critical wanghao  10 Fix Released
1538305 #1538305 volume type apis missing context.elevated 3 High Mitsuhiro Tanino  10 Fix Released
1547546 #1547546 CINDER retype fails when original volume has no volume-type 3 High Ryan McNair  10 Fix Released
1555153 #1555153 cinder list performance is degradated 3 High Michal Dulko  10 Fix Released
1556450 #1556450 Huawei volume driver needs to support replication v2.1 3 High Liucheng Jiang  10 Fix Released
1557783 #1557783 volume_image_metadata is not copied during volume clone 3 High Mitsuhiro Tanino  10 Fix Released
1529553 #1529553 VNX: support configurable migration rate support 4 Medium Peter Wang  10 Fix Released
1538926 #1538926 Migrate volume raises ObjectActionError if volume is created using image 4 Medium Michal Dulko  10 Fix Released
1553045 #1553045 Create volume fail when switch secondary_ip to san_ip 4 Medium yixuan zhang  10 Fix Released
1554740 #1554740 3par create_cloned_volume incorrect size 4 Medium Walt Boring  10 Fix Released
1554756 #1554756 DRDB driver does not honor clone volume size 4 Medium Danny Al-Gaaf  10 Fix Released
1546412 #1546412 naviseccli commands not timeout when SP rebooting 5 Low Ryan Liang  10 Fix Released
1552510 #1552510 Deadlock when querying user quota usage 1 Undecided wangxiyuan  10 Fix Released
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