Online DB schema upgrade

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This blueprint aims in adopting concepts adopted previously by Nova [1].

To achieve zero downtime upgrades we need to support running two versions of Cinder simultaneously. This isn't possible if a DB migration removed a column or table between versions - older version will fail DB calls for such resource. To achieve this we should ban contracting schema migrations and eventually make it possible to do them using separate cinder-manage command to be executed by deployer once upgrade is completed.

Also data movements (for example to another column) affect downtime, as we cannot do operations while transfering the data. The idea here is to make sure all services are backwards compatible with data from the DB and we can run such data movements in a partial way.


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Sean McGinnis
Michal Dulko
Michal Dulko
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Michal Dulko
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Michal Dulko

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Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/online-schema-upgrades,n,z

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    Add spec for online-schema-upgrades

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    Block subtractive operations in DB migrations

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    Add ConsistencyGroupVolumeTypeMapping table

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    Update online-schema-upgrades spec

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    Add generic code for online data migrations

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This spec is marked as implemented but it appears the actual implementation is in and has not yet merged. Was this implemented elsewhere or does that patch still need to land to satisfy this bp/spec? -dolphm

<dulek> Yes and no. ;) We have the DB schema migrations guidelines merged into devref and are reviewing the code accordingly, so basic intent of this blueprint is achieved. However if we wanted to do the contracting DB schema migrations, we'll need the patch in question.

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/generic-volume-group,n,z

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    WIP: Migrate consistency groups to groups


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