Blueprint workload

This page lists the specifications that DC1394 Package Mainteners' team is expected to work on, or is its creator.

DC1394 Package Mainteners' team is not currently responsible for any specifications that meet your criteria.

Team member workload

The following people are all members of the DC1394 Package Mainteners' team team in Launchpad. We list each of their specification workloads so that you can get a sense of the overall workload balance.

14 of 4 results

Andrew Straw has no outstanding specifications.

Damien has no outstanding specifications.

DC1394 dpkg support team has no outstanding specifications.

Peter Antoniac's specifications:

Priority Specification Definition Delivery Assign Draft Approve
5 Essential packaging-strategy 1 Pending Approval 8 Beta Available     X
3 Medium halsectomy 5 New 12 Informational X X  
2 Low speech-recognition 2 Review 12 Informational      
14 of 4 results