Implement ways to track the performance of zeitgeist

Registered by Seif Lotfy on 2010-08-13

One of the future task of zeitgeist development should be to implement ways to measure performance of the various components of zeitgeist, this includes questions like:
 * how much memory does zeitgeist consume? What are the most memory intensive parts of zeitgeist (sqlite, cached objects etc.)? How does memory consumption evolve over time?
 * How fast are DBus requests, what the 'response time'?
 * How fast are the SQL queries? In which way can we optimize them?

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Zeitgeist Framework Team
Markus Korn
Markus Korn
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Seif Lotfy on 2010-08-28


Here is a little snippet of a discussion on the IRC channel

<thekorn> seif__: what's wrong about calling FindEvents 7 times?
<thekorn> I don't think dbus roundstrips are bad
<thekorn> or expensive (performance wise)
<seif__> its more performant
<seif__> like in GAJ
<seif__> we want to draw the bottom bar
<seif__> instead of calling 90 times
<seif__> i call once
<seif__> can iget things cateogrized
<thekorn> there was even a talk at GUADEC last year, where a telepathy guy said: "do as much roundtrips as possilbe, instead of putting everything into one big method"
<thekorn> seif__: yeah, but: there will be 90 times more data to send, and it will take 90 times more time
<RainCT> do we have any benchmarks for this?
<thekorn> which roughly means 90 times more posssible timeouts
<thekorn> RainCT: no
<thekorn> we are pretty bad at doing benchmarks
<thekorn> and having sientific data of how much time we spend in sql,python,dbus etc


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