Refactor System Tests

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A refactoring of system tests to make them easier to extend and more robust in the face of hidden dependencies.

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Flavio Percoco
Allele Dev
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Flavio Percoco
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Flavio Percoco on 2013-12-13
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Flavio Percoco on 2013-12-13

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1. Re-organize test structure , per discussion here
2. Remove the numbering (from 000 , 999 etc in test methods) from the system tests. Use for test suite setup & teardown
(Use teardown method instead of the http.delete See comments (COMPLETE)
3. Update all create_headers to return python dict (COMPLETE)
4. Consider developing a state machine to set up the DB with pre-loaded data, that can be used by the tests.
Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/refactor-system-tests,n,z
5. Using a queue-creating context manager would avoid having to maintain a list of queues to delete at the end of the test. See: (No Longer Applicable, now that we use test level setups)

Addressed by:
    Refactor system tests, update for metadata endpnt

Addressed by:
    Refactor System Tests

Gerrit topic:,topic:refactor-system-tests,n,z

Addressed by:
    Pull actual tests out of marconi/tests

Addressed by:
    Remove util packages

Addressed by:
    Use oslo.config for functional tests

Addressed by:
    Run functional tests under tox

Addressed by:
    Implement embedded marconi-server execution

Addressed by:
    Move Unit tests under a unit package

Addressed by:
    Implement small http client for tests

Addressed by:
    Move functional tests into wsgi/v1

Addressed by:
    Use format instead of % for string formatting

Addressed by:
    Move tests/unit/storage/base under m/tests/storage

Addressed by:
    Move test_default_limits to the new tests location


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