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Need a driver for a non-AGPL backend that is durable and can support the entire 1.x API (feature-parity with MongoDB) Elasticsearch, LevelDB, Riak are our most likely suspects. Need to do some POCs to see which way we want to go.
API v1.1 for zaqar
API v1.1 Spec and Implementation
Add new gate/check jobs that will run functional tests against devstack.
Some logging does not include the project ID for the request, which is useful context for debugging issues. Let's find a DRY approach to this - can we use the oslo context thing?
This is essential for scaling and operating a large deployment. The goals for this blueprint are: * find an approach that works * prototype it * demonstrate it Some requirements: - distribute load reasonably well amongst partitions - handle migrations transparently Some nice-to-haves: - statelessness: might requ...

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