Consider General Contingencies For Xubuntu

Registered by Stephen Michael Kellat on 2013-03-03

In light of the rolling release proposal it is necessary to discuss general contingencies for Xubuntu. How shall the flavor continue in the proposed new era? What systemic changes will be required for Xubuntu to thrive? What new release cycle will have to be adopted and how will this be communicated? Other contingencies must also be addressed.

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At this point it appears that it is proposed that:

1. Semi-annual release cadence is disappearing
2. There will not be a 13.04 release
3. Support and stable release updates are going to decline in importance. It was noted that we must move forward rather than preserving the past in mainline Ubuntu
4. There will be daily rolling releases with monthly roll-ups.

To ensure a viable Xubuntu, where do we go from here? The path forward seems rather unclear. Ubuntu is defining what it wants to support as it wishes to move towards "convergence". The areas of focus from our Strategy Document include:

Focus 1: Usability
Focus 2: Performance
Focus 3: Ready to use product
Focus 4: Community

The areas of focus for Xubuntu and the new goals proposed for Ubuntu do not necessarily align. In terms of contingencies at present and considering potential action, we have to consider:

* With the possible dropping of the 13.04 release, how do we effectively conclude the goals we set for this cycle?
* What process should be put in place before UDS-1306 to determine milestones and goals for Xubuntu to take us into 2014-04?
* How can we effectively backport our efforts from this cycle and 12.10 for inclusion in 12.04 to ensure nothing is lost from prior efforts?
* What are we going to do with Xfce 4.12 having a release target of 2013-03-10? Are the timing of new Xfce releases going to give us issues akin to what the Kubuntu team is facing with KDE SC releases?
* What contingencies arise that will impact Ubuntu Studio downstream from us?
* What contingencies impact the Kubuntu team that also affect us?

This is not exhaustive but meant to open discussion.


Work Items

Work items:
[skellat] Plan UDS-1306 contingencies session, if necessary: BLOCKED
[skellat] Plan virtual Xubuntu meeting on Rick Spencer final proposal once actually released: BLOCKED
[skellat] Liaise with Riddell as to Kubuntu participation in said virtual meeting once appropriate to ask: BLOCKED
[skellat] Assume membership ASAP within Xubuntu: TODO