Xubuntu Issues: The "Saucy" Cycle -- Software

Registered by Stephen Michael Kellat on 2013-05-03

What software should be included? What software should not be included?

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# Remember, we only get 60 minutes alloted for a session.
# We may have to break this up potentially to cover multiple time slots.

Issues for discussion:

1. Adding apt-offline to the LiveCD seeds
     a. Documentation was added to xubuntu-docs during the R-cycle to cover use of it
     b. Does inclusion fit within the goals of the Strategy Document?
2. Study the viability of the integration of the HUD system to xubuntu
     a. Ubuntu has this. Will this be part of the shift to QML/Qt5 to be worried about?
          micahg notes: Even if the display is in Qt, there will still be a need for the indexing service to understand GTK. Xfce would simply need a front end.
     b. How might this be adapted for Xubuntu
     c. Studio and Lubuntu could help as they would use the feature
     d. HUD developers are working on a libhud-client, that can be used to access and search the HUD, for 13.10, this should simplify the integration.
     Noskcaj: I we can somehow make it light enough, the HUD is great.
     GridCube: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GridCube/HUD_in_Xubuntu_Rationale
3. Lubuntu has "Lubuntu" and "Lubuntu Core". Do we need/want to have "Xubuntu" and "Xubuntu Core"?
     a. Are we providing on the CD the core of what the users want?
     b. Do we have a way of determining if there are things users are not keeping in new installs?
     c. How can we assess on an on-going basis the packages we include on installation media?
     d. would we get enough testing to release both?
4. Are we interesting in a Keyboard-shortcuts-overlay in Xubuntu? See the old Quantal wikipage/blueprint here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/Quantal/KeyboardShortcutsOverlay
     Noskcaj: this seems to be a good idea, we'll need a theme to be made for it too.
5. Review keyboard shortcuts
     a. Should we align our shortcut configuration to upstream XFCE?
     b. Should we add the Ctrl+Alt+T shortcut for consistency with the other *buntu flavours?
          Noskcaj: We should add the shortcut, it's very annoying for someone swapping flavour to either learn a new shortcut or use the launcher
6. Re-consider alternatives for pavucontrol
     a. Check whether there are alternatives that have a more intuitive UI while being light on depends
     b. Consider forking pavucontrol and improve the UI or contribute to pavucontrol upstream


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