Xubuntu Issues: The "Saucy" Cycle -- Development & Milestone Participation

Registered by Stephen Michael Kellat on 2013-04-24

Which release milestones shall we participate in during the Saucy Salamander cycle? How shall we change our upload rights situation to ensure we have a more active development community?

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# Remember, we only get 60 minutes alloted for a session.
# We may have to break this up potentially to cover multiple time slots.

Issues for discussion:

1. Get more people upload rights (team delegation, sponsored uploads, MOTU...)
     a. The number of people with upload rights is at a dangerously low number
        micahg notes: with 2 people, we're ahead of Lubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, and Ubuntu GNOME
     b. To improve our resilience, what steps can we take to keep burdens of packaging and uploading from falling on so few shoulders?
        micahg notes: we can discuss merges and throwing stuff in the sponsorship queue, the thing to be careful about is getting ahead of the current Xfce in Ubuntu with newer versions; We also try to get most stuff in through Debian and sync
     c. Where do we want to go as a community that creates a software product in terms of our own development and growth? Do we want more newly-minted MOTU members by the cycle's end? Do we want more interaction with the Sponsors team by a wider cross-section of our community?
       micahg notes: People can get upload rights to just the Xubuntu packageset if that's the limit of interest. While more MOTUs are certainly needed, that's not required to upload to the packageset.
2. Which milestone releases will we participate in this cycle?
     a. For Raring, we participated for both betas
     b. Running a single alpha, half way through could help a lot with bug fixes and a group push for testing.
    micahg notes: +1 to at least 1 alpha and both betas assuming we can get testers, which alpha(s) will probably depend on if/when Xfce releases 4.12
    skellat notes: Xfce 4.12 appears to be rather blocked since 2013-03-15: http://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.12/roadmap
     c. Release dates are posted at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SaucySalamander/ReleaseSchedule and break out this way:
           Alpha 1 -- 20 June 2013
           Alpha 2 -- 18 July 2013
           Alpha 3 -- 1 August 2013
           Beta 1 -- 5 September 2013
           Final Beta -- 26 September 2013
           Notional "Release Candidate" -- 10 October 2013
           Release -- 17 October 2013


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