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Registered by Stephen Michael Kellat on 2013-05-03

Issues that may not necessarily result in immediate action but require discussion looking ahead to the future.

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# Remember, we only get 60 minutes alloted for a session.
# We may have to break this up potentially to cover multiple time slots.

Issues for discussion:

1. The future of GTK in a world where Qt is taking over
     a. Ubuntu is shifting to QML/QT5 to support their shift away from the desktop to covering more platforms
     b. Unit193 raised the point that Lubuntu is considering a [possible shift to Qt](http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/04/26/%23xubuntu-devel.html#t00:15)
     c. Kubuntu is based in Qt, Ubuntu and Lubuntu seem to be going towards it.
     d. Trend-wise what will this mean for us standing apart in terms of graphics toolkit?
    micahg notes: As long as upstream Xfce is comfortable with GTK, we should be fine, GTK isn't going anywhere, worst possible case is that it drops to universe in which case we can sort out with the Ubuntu GNOME team on how we want to proceed with its maintenance.
2. What other areas should be included within our offline documentation?
     a. Recap where we went during 13.04
     b. What new horizons need to be mapped during 13.10?
     c. How can we provide translations to the offline documentation? Do we need to switch to another platform, such as mallard and yelp?


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