Xpad - New feature to customize the layout of single pads

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It may seem silly and superficial, but these features would make this app perfect in the personalization department.
Padding, especially, would be nice for readability; even if the user can't set it, a top, left and bottom padding of 15-20px would help a lot.

1) Padding inside the notes/around the block of text
2) Rounded corners radius
3) Background image (bonus of tiled/no-repeat/etc settings)

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1) The basic padding on each note with no option for user configuration.
jsFiddle example: http://jsfiddle.net/7KmTE/1/

20-25 pixels seems to be the best. The example is 25px.

2) The rounded corners, adjustable by the user.
jsFiddle example: http://jsfiddle.net/KSbf4/1/

-The border-radius only goes from 0px (no rounded corners) to 25px (very rounded, but not extreme) on the slider.
-The slider is simple and visibly updates the pad's corners on input/as it is moved.
-The slider should be in Edit > Preferences > "Appearance" section, probably beneath the colours setting.
-The rounded corner setting should be shared by all pads and not available for customization per pad to prevent clutter.

3) Background images should be handled in a similar manner to <div>'s background image handling in CSS3. I can post examples if needed.

- Background image option should be in Edit > Preferences > "Appearance" section.
- "Use these colors:" should be changed to something more generic, such as "Use custom theme:"
- "Background:" would have the colour selection OR an image selection (Browse to selection image button)
- Maybe change "Foreground:" to "Text color:"
- Background images could be set per pad, similar to colours currently.

4ish) To hopefully explain what I meant better:

-Give Xpad the ability to interpret CSS and apply it to each pad.
-Each pad would be treated the same as a <div> in HTML, but the user would only supply CSS to alter the appearance.
-A CSS template could be provided for user reference of valid classes and ids
-Users will only be able to use CSS input; no HTML.
-Basically any CSS you could apply to a <div> would work for the theme.
-The option to import a CSS theme would also be in Edit > Preferences > "Appearance" section as well as available to each pad independently.

I'm not sure how easy it would be to implement CSS interpretation compared to #1-3, but if it's simple enough, it may be better to just do #4 and skip #1-3


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