Reusable Content-Streams with schedulable media items

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I'd really like a new media type which was itself a timeline with media items added to it (like an RSS feed almost) but that individual items could be scheduled on to.

That new "content stream" could then be loaded in to any region - possibly alongside other normal media items.

This is hugely powerful, as you could have a content stream for "posters" which you then add in to a region one three or four layouts once. Then as each media item in the content stream hits the start of its schedule period, it appears, and when it's out of its schedule period, it's removed automatically.

Empty content streams should not be rendered.

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I would like to see this idea expanded:

Define 'channels': they correspond to a possible area in a layout.
A channel can be part of more than one layout. (optional, but it would be cool to have)
A channel has a list of content to display (content-stream/timeline).

Simplify media management:
- Uploaded media doesn't need a duration: the display duration comes from the timeline.
- Users can only see the media they upload. And can only edit if it isn't part of a timeline.
- When someone uploads content they define the 'channel' for that media.
- On upload the user defines the start and end dates to show the content.
- Normal users don't see a timeline they only see the list of their uploaded content and an indication of approved/not approved/rejected and on display/not displaying.

- Every channel has a list of users that can post to it and a list of moderators than control the flow of media in that channel.
- Only moderators can approve and edit timeline options: order , duration of media elements, etc. they can also confirm the starting and ending dates defined by the uploader.
- Moderators see a list of all the content that is part of the media stream for a channel, just like the current timelines but with the extra option to approve/not approve an item.
- Items would be shown as 'approved'/'not approved'/'rejected' and 'displaying/not displaying/expired'.

Simplify permissions system:
- Users can only see their content and submit to assigned channels, moderators can manage all content for the channels they are assigned to.


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