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Registered by Michael Rooney on 2008-05-05

Many accounts may be accounts with banks which allow the user to check their account balances (and recent transactions) online.

wxBanker should allow the user to add their credentials, and then link wxBanker accounts with accounts. wxBanker can then check the balance to see if it matches.

* remember when the last update was for each account and auto-sync if it hasn't been synced in say, 24 hours (this value should be user configurable).
* have an option to show or hide a separate column with the bank balance
* using the difference of the online bank balance and the wxbanker balance, try to figure out the difference
  + is there a transaction in wxbanker that maybe hasn't cleared, that equals the difference?
  + is there a recent transaction online that isn't in wxbanker that matches the difference?
* show the wxBanker balance in different colors depending the sync balance
  + green for the same value
  + yellow for a value which is different, but understood
  + red for a value which is different and not understood
* when creating an account, allow for it to be auto-filled by linking it to a bank, filling in recent transactions and the initial balance before them
* if new transactions are found online that don't exist in wxbanker, prompt the user to add them

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Michael Rooney on 2010-05-01
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Michael Rooney on 2010-07-19

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2010.07.15 mrooney: for the initial version I'm dropping transaction highlighting and showing what is different, but you can see the sync state and if different, what Mint thinks it is. Left to do is adding to the keyring properly, and a retry after ~30 seconds if it can't get the balance, since it may have triggered a sync on Mint's side.

2010.07.18 mrooney: keyring experience should be good now, and the parser can handle grabbing the balance of accounts that are refreshing so refreshing isn't as important. I think this feature is good to go, though I'll be looking for usability issues and other improvements.


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