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I usually only open wxBanker to enter a single transaction. It would be nice to have the ability to enter a single transaction via an applet or some kind of "minimal" mode. For example, a user could enter transaction information via Gnome-do and the transaction is entered into the database without needing to open a full instance of wxBanker. I would love to write something like this myself but don't feel quite capable.

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2010.08.15 mrooney: What do you think about https://blueprints.launchpad.net/wxbanker/+spec/jabber-aware ? It attempts to solve this problem in a more generic way, so you could enter transactions from anywhere with an IM client basically, including your local computer. Would this allow for your use-case or is it too complicated?

2010.08.21 spencerrecneps: That's not really what I had in mind (although it sounds like a cool idea). For me, entering a transaction via IM would probably be as complicated as just opening the program itself, which defeats the purpose.

I thought about this a little more the other day and realized that the simplest solution would probably be to allow a command line switch that only processes the transaction without opening the full program. This functionality could be called by virtually any program on the local computer.

2010.08.21 mrooney: This sounds like it would be reasonable! Perhaps I could add a 'wxbanker-cli' executable that allows you to perform various things, with transactions for a start. Something like: wxbanker-cli transact "Chase C" "groceries at the store" -34.45.

So, you'd give it a command (transact) and tell it an account, and you'd only have to type enough of a string such that it only matched one account. Then you specify the description and amount, and the date would be assumed as today but would also allow specifying it. How does that command line interface sound? Indeed then making a Do plugin or applet would also be pretty easy.

2010.08.23 spencerrecneps: That would be perfect. My only suggestion would be to process the options one at a time, something along these lines:
wxbanker-cli -t -a "Chase C" -d "groceries at the store" -a "-34.45"
where -t denotes a transaction, -a specifies the account, -d specifies the description, and -a specifies the amount. This would probably make it easier to manage things like transfers.

2010.08.23 mrooney: That sounds like a good idea, though -a can't be used for amount and account. -d could be destination but that's already taken by date. Any thoughts?


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