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We know that Elementary OS prefers Gear menu. I want to propose that the third party software with non-gear menu have menu bar which can be relocated to the titlebar which only appears when mouse points to the title bar.
This will save screen space.

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A hidden menu is going to complicate usage. Besides, the titlebar is the only area to select for moving a window and that space is rapidly shrinking (see Files). I know Holding the 'Command' key down can allow the user to drag from anywhere in the window but that's not obvious to anyone that isn't familiar, and the cursor doesn't change to reflect this possibility either. Maybe assign the Wheel Button click to drag a window from anywhere and cursor changes to a hand?

I agree there does need to be a menu on a Desktop OS because it's universally recognisable and obvious to anyone. However, we need to understand what the vision is for Elementary the team have for their projects. If in the future they want to get on to the mobile platform and if so other things need to be considered in the design of the Desktop OS that allows for easy transition and porting of apps to the mobile platform. In this particular case, id have though it would make more sense to have a fixed menu bar at the top of the display (not in each application window) like Mac OS, I know it goes against every shitty Linux Desktop Manager and M$'s stupid Windows OS. In such case it would make perfect sense for the window of each app, (without menus) to be designed with icons in an icon bar including this 'Gear' preferences icon. This makes the app on the desktop attractive and also simple, but fully functional because of the Menu Bar (Switchboard) but also instantly usable with touch input on the mobile device with the window icons.

I think Apple have the right desktop/mobile foundation in place (though unintentionally) because of the Menu Bar they use on the desktop. Remember this design goes back to the 80's with Atari's TOS hence why this is just a stroke of luck on Apple's part.--ketracel


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